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This quick trick can TRIPLE your sexual satisfaction

Guys, normally we don’t like to talk about problems “down there” do we?

Maybe it’s gotten better with all those TV commercials. Heck, I know some men who practically BRAG about taking the stuff — but when it comes down to it, no guy likes to admit he can’t “do it” anymore.

They’re too embarrassed and humiliated to talk about it with a doctor or even the wife.

Well, friend, you DON’T have to be embarrassed and you DON’T have to be humiliated by it anymore — because new research shines a light on the issue, revealing a quick, easy, and effective way to put the BOOM back into your bedroom.

And all you have to do is step into the light!

Yes, light therapy — once dismissed as bunk by the mainstream — has now proven to be effective for everything from mood disorders to skin conditions.

Now, the new study finds the very same light box used to improve mood in folks suffering from seasonal affective disorder can improve a man’s mood in other ways, too.

Specifically, it can put you “in the mood” for a roll in the hay.

After just two weeks of light box therapy — staring into the light for 30 minutes per day — guys saw their testosterone levels jump by a stunning 50 percent.

Nor surprisingly, that also led to an increase in overall sexual satisfaction, and it wasn’t just a little bump in that number.

Their scores on a scale of 1 to 10 actually TRIPLED, going from a 2 to a 6 in just two weeks!

Guys given a bogus light box — one where the bulb wasn’t nearly bright enough to make a difference — saw no increase in testosterone levels and only the barest smidge of a bump in satisfaction levels, which rose by less than a single point overall.

There’s no surprise to me that this works; sunlight will do the same thing — stimulating desire, ability and satisfaction. The UV rays of the sun can goose your pituitary gland’s production luteinizing hormone, which in turn helps your body pump out more testosterone.

But since many older guys don’t get enough sun, a light box could be a quick and easy way to catch those rays and get the hormone factory running on solar power again.

If you think you can benefit, don’t rush out and buy the first light box you see or you could be throwing your cash into the trash. Many are nothing more than a plain old light bulb in a cheap plastic box, and those won’t do the trick.

Do some homework first. Better yet, talk to your doc. He’ll know which one to buy, and he might even help you figure out if you can get your insurance to pay for the thing.

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