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Avoid diabetes by eating more eggs

If you’re looking for a little help getting your insulin under control, I’ve got some EGGS-elent news for you this morning — because your favorite breakfast is back on the menu!

Eggs have gotten a bad rap over the years, as mainstream know-nothings got their feathers in a ruffle over all the fat and cholesterol inside.

But if you love eggs (and who doesn’t?) it’s time to come out of your shell, as the latest research proves — again — that eggs are just about the healthiest way to start your day.

It’s not just that the fat and cholesterol in eggs are good for you (although they are). It’s that farm-fresh eggs are also nature’s best source of a vitamin called “choline.”

The body needs choline on its own; but it can also use it to convert into a chemical compound called “betaine,” which helps protect your cells and organs.

And the more you get of these critical nutrients, the more your body can fight off the early warning signs of diabetes.

According to the new study, folks with the highest choline intake from diet have better fasting glucose and insulin levels and a lower risk of insulin resistance.

On the flipside, lower levels of choline and betaine did just the opposite, with glucose and insulin levels going screwy. That, in turn, can set the stage for insulin resistance and, eventually, diabetes.

And it’s all because you didn’t get enough of this one little nutrient — one most folks have never even heard of, and few people get.

Some 90 percent of Americans don’t even come close to getting the recommended levels of choline, no doubt because of the Chicken Little act over eggs.

You’d think they were hand grenades the way most people fear them!

When people DO eat eggs, they usually toss out the best part: the yolk, where most of the choline and many of the other nutrients are found.

It’s time to stop running around like chickens without heads over eggs. Not only will the choline help you fight off insulin resistance, but that same nutrient will also protect you from damaging inflammation and oxidative stress.

It can even protect your brain and cut your risk of dementia!

And that’s not all eggs can do for you. They’re packed with the protein that powers your muscle — and the package is so complete that eggs can fill your belly, so you won’t feel hunger pangs shortly after eating.

As a result, studies show folks who eat eggs for breakfast are less likely to snack in the morning and eat less at lunch.

So don’t be a chicken. Eat more eggs!

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