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Flu shot fiasco! Docs admit vaccine is weak

Hurry up and get your flu shot. No, wait — don’t get it yet.

OK, now it’s time to… OOPS!… you missed it.

The mainstream keeps getting kookier and kookier with its flu shot advice, and now they’re claiming that seniors — who are always being pushed into getting vaccinated ASAP — should wait.

Yes, you heard that right.

They’ve admitted that the flu shot is so feeble that the “protection” will wear off like cheap deodorant if you get it too soon, exposing you to the virus long before flu season’s over.

Immunologist Laura Haynes told NPR earlier this month that EVERYONE should ignore the flu shot ads popping up all over the place right now and wait.

Younger folks should get the shot in October, while seniors should wait until November, she said.

But wait — there’s more!

When it comes to “when,” that’s still not the end of this increasingly ridiculous story.

The mainstream dopes in charge of cooking up dumb new excuses for getting vaccinated also said earlier this year that it’s not just the time of the season that matters.

It’s the TIME OF DAY!

That’s right.

The flu shot is on the clock — and if you get it at the “wrong time,””> it won’t work as well or at all, according to that study. That one claimed you have to get the shot between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

What are they gonna tell you next? You have to get the flu shot during the second full moon but only if it’s on a Monday? And will you have to spin three times and say the magic words first?

It’s nonsense, all of it.

I’m going to make it a whole lot easier on you — because the BEST time to get a flu shot is NEVER!

Studies show flu shots do little to “protect” anyone, and they’re especially worthless for older folks. The CDC even admits that some years — like 2012-13 — the flu shot was a total bust in seniors, offering a protection rate so low it may as well have been zero.

Even in “good” years, the flu shot is barely effective by any stretch of the definition, cutting the absolute risk by a measly 1.5 percent.

If you want true flu protection that works in every season, you don’t need a vaccination.

You need to boost your levels of vitamin D, which has proven in studies to be EIGHT TIMES more effective than the shot.

And, unlike flu vaccines, vitamin D can also slash your risk of the common cold as well.

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