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Science proves it: Exercise won’t boost weight loss!

I always love it when mainstream researchers accidentally stumble on the truth — especially when they try to backpedal away from it!

One new study exposes the ugly reality of body-aching exercise.

Turns out you DON’T need to spill a drop of sweat to slash your risk of serious heart problems — but you wouldn’t know it listening to the scientists who did the research.

They hemmed and hawed. They stuttered and stammered. They made every excuse they could think of, then announced you should be sure to get plenty of exercise anyway.

You’d think they didn’t read their own study!

They should’ve been proud of it, because it busted open one of the biggest myths of modern medicine — and they did a darn good job of it, too.

They took three sets of overweight patients at risk for heart disease and told one set to drop a few pounds by changing what they ate… another set to exercise but not diet… and a third set to try diet AND exercise, a.k.a. the typical mainstream advice.

Three months later, you’d never know who did what just by looking at the test results, because they were pretty much identical.

The folks who ate less (and better) to drop a few pounds — without exercise — saw the SAME improvements as the folks who’d been sweating in the gym.

They even had the same results as the folks who were told to diet AND exercise!

None of these volunteers were put on a starvation diet or anything.

They simply cut 20 percent of their calories — which, for some folks, is a simple matter of quitting soda.

It did the trick: They dropped an average of 7 percent of body weight, or a loss of a pound or two per week, depending on how far they’d let themselves go over the years.

It’s a pretty easy target for any dieter, because this isn’t extreme weight loss. In most cases, that’s not even enough weight loss to bring someone into the “normal” weight range — but it was enough to cut their heart risk by more than 20 percent.

This doesn’t mean you can turn into a couch potato if you swap your French fries for celery sticks. You DO have to get moving a little. You just DON’T have to commit to anything strenuous.

No sweat, no gym fees, no pain, no problem! The best “exercise” of all could be something as simple as a walk.

Golf, tennis, dancing, hiking… anything that gets you off your butt and on your feet for a little while counts, so get out there and enjoy yourself.

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