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The truth about prostate cancer

If I’m ever diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, there’s only one thing I’m going to rush out to do… and this “treatment” is guaranteed to work about as well as anything else out there.

I’m going to head into a liquor store and buy bottle of high-quality 25-year-old single malt Scotch. When I get home, I’ll pour myself a glass… savor every sip… and then put the bottle away for a year.

I’ll repeat every year, knowing full well that I’m going to outlive what’s in that bottle — because the latest research proves again that the best “treatment” for early-stage prostate cancer is NO TREATMENT at all!

This wasn’t some hindsight analysis.

This was a gold-standard study where 1,600 men with early-stage prostate cancer were either given radiation, had their prostates removed, or got nothing at all except the occasional checkup.

None of it mattered.

Ten years later, almost no one was killed by prostate cancer. The survival rate in EVERY GROUP — even the guys who had NO treatment — was 99 percent.

But that’s only half the story here, because guys who didn’t get treated didn’t just live as long as the guys who were zapped or sliced.

They lived BETTER.

Men who were treated suffered “major sexual side effects” in both groups, according to the study.

And that’s not all.

Guys who got surgery were leaking. They could’ve gone shopping for diapers with the guys who had radiation — because they were more likely to have bowel problems.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

The study is a HUGE loss for treatment and the surgeons who profit from it. But already, the mainstream is making excuses.

There’s no survival boost at 10 years, they claim, but MAYBE there will be one at 20 and 25 years.

Yeah, the head of the American Cancer Society actually said that. Out loud.

Since this study included guys up to the age of 69 at the beginning, a 25-year “benefit” would kick in when he’s 94.

I’d love to be around when I’m 94, still sipping that Scotch, and I’m sure you would too. But I’m not making decisions today based on something that MIGHT happen at an age I’ll probably never see.

Based on Social Security numbers, four out of five guys who hit the age of 70 won’t reach 90… and just a hair over 1 percent will live to 100.

It’s a moot point anyway. “No treatment” doesn’t mean ignoring the cancer… although in most cases you certainly can. Once you know it’s there, you can have a doc keep tabs on it.

In the rare chance it becomes more aggressive, you can decide THEN if you need treatment — but not before.

Just be sure to pour yourself a drink first.

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