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Shocking cause of common respiratory infections revealed

If you’re still drinking and cooking with unfiltered tap water, I’ve got some news this morning that’s going to make you sick.

I don’t mean that as a figure of speech. Your tap water could LITERALLY be making you sick!

A horrifying new analysis finds hundreds of thousands of American seniors have been hospitalized with serious and even deadly respiratory infections because of nasty bacteria lurking in their supposedly clean drinking water.

Well, my friend, your water might look clean. It might have no smell at all. And it might taste pure and fresh as a mountain spring.

But clearly, it’s NOT clean!

Over 15 years, 617,291 seniors were fighting for their very lives because of three nasty germs that live in the water system, with most infected by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a pipe-loving bacteria known to cause an especially nasty form of pneumonia.

The rest of those folks were sickened either by the Legionella pneumophila that causes Legionnaire’s Disease or Mycobacterium avium.

These germs thrive in pipes because they form what’s known as a biofilm, or that slick and shiny sticky layer you find in places that are damp all the time. Those slick spots aren’t simply wet; they’re breeding grounds for bacteria, where they form, grow, thrive… and spread, right to your kitchen sink.

All three of these germs are known to cause nasty respiratory infections, and the numbers in the new study no doubt only scratch the surface. It includes ONLY the folks who were hospitalized for these infections and had the diagnosis confirmed by lab tests.

Who knows how many others suffered from milder infections that didn’t require hospitalization or were treated with antibiotics without ever getting a lab test to confirm the germ.

Throw them into the mix, and I’d bet the TRUE number is well into the millions.

Because they can live anywhere in the system… from the water plant to the water main to the pipes that travel to your home… treatment alone can’t keep them out.

That’s why it’s time to break out the big guns to protect yourself and your family, and I don’t mean those little filter pitchers you can buy at Walmart.

There’s one system that can filter out every nasty germ out there along with everything else routinely turning up in tap water including drugs, hormones, fuel residue and more.

It’s reverse osmosis, and a decent system will cost a few hundred bucks. You can set it up in an afternoon if you’re handy; if not, call a plumber.

Just be sure to install it where the water enters your home to protect every faucet.

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