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Here’s what happens when you don’t take your meds

It’s time again for the ugliest game in medicine — it’s the “BLAME GAME,” and believe me, they’re not ready to blame themselves.

They’re blaming YOU!

A new report says seniors are like toddlers who JUST WON’T LISTEN. This patronizing little screed accuses older folks of refusing, ignoring and just plain forgetting to take their blood pressure meds.

What’s a doctor to do when a patient JUST WON’T LISTEN?

Yes, friend, they want you to think you could drop dead of a heart attack tomorrow. And when you do, it’s your own darn fault because you JUST WON’T LISTEN and take your meds.

One in five seniors on Medicare — more than five million older Americans — are what the condescending mainstream researchers call “non-adherent” or “non-compliant.”

That means they’re not taking the drugs, and that has these researchers in a snit. They’re trying to come up with ways to “educate” patients about the “importance” of medication.

Who knows, maybe they’ll offer the seniors a cookie reward, too.

C’mon. This is ridiculous. When seniors don’t take their BP meds, it’s not because they haven’t been “educated.”

It’s because they’ve received a first-hand education — earning a degree in side effects. BP meds can have your head spinning as if you’ve just come back from a wild night out… except you don’t even get to enjoy the night out.

You don’t get to enjoy ANYTHING — because these drugs make you feel loopy, unsteady, and just plain miserable.

Common blood pressure meds can leave you so dizzy that they’re a major risk factor for serious injuries from falls.

And that’s just ONE common side effect!

Others include a list of misery: memory loss, depression, sex problems, sleep problems, breathing difficulties, constipation…

Need I go on?

It would be one thing if the meds actually saved lives. You wouldn’t be happy about it, but at least you could weigh one against the other.

But they don’t.

Studies show in many cases that treating stage 1 hypertension doesn’t do squat — and that, in some cases, LOWER blood pressure is actually WORSE.

One major study in 2012 found patients drugged for stage 1 hypertension didn’t have better outcomes than folks given placebos. Taking meds actually INCREASED the risk of heart problems very slightly (although that number was within the study’s margin of error).

So if your BP is slightly high, don’t stress it. If it’s high enough that you need to bring it down a little, drop a few pounds — because that almost always works.

If you’ve tried that and STILL can’t bring those numbers down, you don’t need a BP med.

You need a doc who can figure out why your levels are jumping in the first place.

Work closely with an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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