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Shocking truth about Harvard researchers exposed

Think science is about a relentless search for the truth?

Think again!

All most scientists are really searching for is the platform for the gravy train — because like everything else, medical research comes down to one thing.


This isn’t some wild conspiracy theory. A damning new expose published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows how one industry managed to shift the entire scientific consensus AWAY from its product.

That industry? Sugar.

Back in the 1960s, the sugar kingpins were like Johnny Moneyseed, spreading cash to fund a scientific review that took YEARS to complete — the kind of research that keeps the funding coming and literally makes careers.

That cash of course came with strings attached, whether it was spoken or not: Lay off sugar, and target FAT.

They didn’t buy researchers at a low-budget community college or pay-for-play phony school, either.

The industry had enough money to buy the best. They got Harvard University to gobble up their sugar dough the way kids gobble cookies — and sure enough, the university’s landmark “study” published in 1967 claimed all the research blaming sugar for heart disease was badly flawed.

The REAL villain, they claimed, was FAT.

Nowhere in this major study in the New England Journal of Medicine did they mention that the work was paid for by the sugar industry.

And when supposedly top-notch researchers from what was in theory the nation’s leading medical school said the key to avoiding heart disease was to cut back on fat, the entire nation bought it… hook, line, and sugar.

It was treated as gospel, setting the stage for more than half a century of disastrous public health advice and mainstream guidelines.

Americans cut fat, boosted carbs, and sugar consumption took off — leading directly to the triple epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The sugar industry claims there are better disclosure rules in place today, and modern researchers claim they can’t possibly be bought for the price of a study.

That’s hogwash.

The same games are being played today.

Just last year, Coca-Cola was busted — caught paying $118.6 million to some of the nation’s most influential medical organizations over five years.

Think they learned? Nope! Just this year, a CDC official had to resign when she was caught secretly advising soda industry bigwigs.

It’s not just sugar and soft drinks, my friend.

The old advice holds true today for everything: Follow the money and you’ll always find the true motive.

The mainstream media won’t always tell you who’s funding the studies that make headlines. Why would they? They’re raking in ad dollars from those same industries.

But there IS one place you can count on for those crucial details — because anytime industry hacks try to pump money into a study to influence the outcome, you’ll read about it right here in the Daily Dose.

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