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Your doc is being pressured to medicate you

Your doctor is being urged — practically BULLIED — into dishing out powerful new weight-loss drugs.

He’s being told your life is on the line… and if you’re overweight or obese, these drugs might be the ONLY thing standing between you and an early grave.

And that means you can expect a BIG new push for these meds now that this major “study” claims that most people who “need” these drugs, supposedly to prevent diabetes, aren’t getting them.

They’re urging docs to step it up and fill out so many prescriptions they’ll develop writer’s cramp — because these researchers claim some 75 MILLION overweight and obese Americans SHOULD be taking these drugs but AREN’T.

Yes, the diabetes epidemic is your doctor’s fault for not drugging enough people!

But you know how it is with bullies, right?

Behind their high-pressure tactics, they’ve got nothing on their side — and that’s how it is in this case, too.

This “study” just out in the journal Obesity doesn’t prove a darn thing.

It’s not, as the headlines claim, a study that shows people aren’t getting meds they need — and it’s not even a study that shows these drugs work for the prevention of diabetes.

All it shows is that prescriptions for anti-obesity drugs aren’t rising nearly as quickly as prescriptions for diabetes meds.

If docs hurry and dish out weight-loss meds ASAP, then fewer people will end up on diabetes drug… or so they claim.

Let me cut through the bull here and tell you what’s REALLY going on. The authors of this study have financial ties to Eisai, Takeda, Novo Nordisk, and Vivus — all makers of the very same anti-obesity drugs this study is pushing.

One author is even employed by Vivus, which helped fund the study.

OF COURSE they want more people to take the drugs!

This isn’t science. This is a sham — because the reality is ALL of the drugs have more problems than a pregnant nun.

Some of them will cause your heart to race, your blood pressure to rise and your hands to tremble.

You might look — and feel — like a bomb ready to go off!

For all those risks, these drugs don’t even work very well, since many folks lose just enough weight to go from “obese” to “less obese.”

I don’t think that’s anyone’s idea of success.

If you REALLY want to lose weight, you can do it — and you can do it without drugs, without surgery, and without counting calories or cutting fat.

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