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Don’t fall for this dangerous drug con

Can the drug industry get any nuttier?

They’ll sell you meds that’ll wreck your body… and then sell you MORE meds to help fight the damage caused by the first set of meds.

It’s like getting kneecapped by a Mafia thug… and then, a day later, that same thug tries to sell you a wheelchair.

That’s not even the crazy part. People are actually being conned by this little game — even researchers.

A new study finds that the “answer” to one of the biggest risks of antidepressant drugs facing seniors isn’t to quit the darned drug.

It’s to take ANOTHER drug: the beta-blockers that could actually cause even MORE damage!

Their study on mice confirms just what we’ve seen in humans, that SSRI drugs can cause bones to get weaker than a presidential campaign promise.

And like those empty promises, the bones are likely to get broken.

That’s crummy news for anyone, but especially seniors already prone to thinner bone. When it gets too thin, any little bump can cause a painful fracture.

And a fall could lead to a crippling bone break that could leave you struggling to keep your independence.

The researchers say they’ve found a way to STOP the thinning bone, because beta-blockers — yes, the same drugs given for hypertension — can supposedly block the effects of the antidepressant.

As a result, they claim docs should consider beta-blockers for folks who take SSRIs, especially seniors.

But if you’ve ever taken these blood pressure meds yourself, you know what they can do to you.

They can leave you feeling dizzier than a Hollywood starlet, so unsteady you could take a fall that could break your bone — even if it hasn’t been eaten up by an SSRI drug.

These meds can also cause headaches, sex problems, insomnia, and more. They can even trigger nightmares so vivid that your screams will wake the neighbors.

That’s not even the worst of it. In some patients, these drugs slow the heart rate so much that they can practically stop it — boosting your risk of death by 240 percent if you suffer from this side effect.

And it all started with an SSRI, a drug that works about as well for depression as an umbrella in a Miami hurricane.

Why mess around?

In most cases, you can beat the blues with B12 vitamins, sunshine, and — if you need an extra boost — St. John’s wort.

Talk to your doc first because St. John’s wort can interact with certain meds.

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