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WARNING: Mainstream trying to silence statin critics

You want to see mainstream scientists reduced to sniveling toddlers?

Check out the latest edition of Lancet, once one of the world’s leading medical journals.

Now it’s a leading candidate for my shredder — because this journal just printed the most bizarre anti-science rant you’ll ever see in your life.

It’s a screaming, whining, full-blown temper tantrum over statins.

This journal doesn’t need an editor. It needs a kindergarten teacher!

Like little kids threatening to take their ball and go home, these researchers claim everyone needs to listen to them and stop arguing about these drugs. In fact, the head researcher previously tried to SILENCE another publication critical of statins.

Anyone who doesn’t toe the line and push these meds on the masses could be next.

They want you to SHUT UP about the fact these drugs cause diabetes and memory loss — risks even the FDA has been warned out.

Don’t even dare open your trap about the fact that these meds can destroy muscle, leaving you battling crippling pain and debilitating weakness.

And whatever you do, don’t mention the kidney and liver damage that can come from these meds.

Just shut up and take them!

Can you believe this?

Amazingly, their attempts to silence any voice of dissent is really a call to SHUN some of the world’s leading research institutes, public health experts, and media organizations.

The Cochrane Collaboration, for example, is one of the world’s most respected scientific organizations. They dig into the details of studies OTHERS do. They spot conflicts. They re-run the numbers. And they look at the weight of the evidence of multiple studies at once.

They found you’d have to treat 1,000 people for a full year to save just one life.

That’s insane when you consider that in exchange for that one saved life, FIVE PEOPLE will get diabetes while on the drugs — a risk even (the very mainstream) The New York Times has acknowledged.

Are we supposed to silence them, too? Good luck with that!

Fact is, this study isn’t objective science. The “declaration of interests” by the authors runs more than 400 words — almost the length of this entire Daily Dose — and includes ties to major statin makers.

Some of the researchers are even working on “polypill,” or a drug that combines statins with aspirin and blood pressure meds.

In other words, the folks behind the study and the companies that fund them would love nothing more than to shut down all discussion over statins and push the meds on everyone.

I’m not going to let them.

Cholesterol simply isn’t the villain it’s been made out to be, and cutting your levels willy-nilly could actually end your life, not save it.

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