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How to beat diabetes without drugs or surgery

There was a time when men wore hats… women wore scarves… and the family would gather ’round the radio to listen to serialized dramas.

Today, hats and scarves are back in style, and serialized dramas are the hottest thing in entertainment — except today, they’re called “podcasts” and are available online instead of on the radio.

But there’s something else that may be coming back in fashion even better than any of those things: a plain old common-sense diet!

I know that seems hard to believe. Common sense seems to have flown out the window around the time “I LIKE IKE” bumper stickers were starting to fade.

So believe me, I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief when I found a major article in The New York Times pushing the low-carb diet for patients at risk of diabetes and those already battling the disease.

Two top brains — one from Harvard Medical School, the other from Indiana University — blasted mainstream guidelines for pushing expensive and dangerous stomach surgery over this simple, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective diet.

“There’s another, more effective way to lower glucose levels: Eat less of it,” they wrote.

It’s as if they’re longtime Daily Dose readers!

They called it “nonsensical” that the $26,000 surgery somehow gets the thumbs-up from the mainstream when nearly 1 in 5 patients face serious complications including intestinal blockages and nutritional deficiencies.

Some of those deficiencies aren’t just dangerous. As you read right here, they can be outright deadly.

The biggest “risk” of the low-carb diet, on the other hand, is that you might annoy your friends when you can’t stop talking about it.

Of course, you won’t have to say a word. Everyone around you will see the difference with their own eyes… which will be more than matched by real changes on the inside, too.

As the authors of the Times article point out, the low-carb diet is now backed by more than 40 clinical trials involving thousands of patients. These studies PROVE the low-carb diet can help you reduce or eliminate your meds, even if you already have diabetes.

Some folks don’t even need insulin shots anymore!

If that’s not a cure, I don’t know what is — so if you’ve been diagnosed with this disease or are at risk for it, make the switch today.

It’s never too late to bring common sense back in style.

And who knows… maybe one day the “Davey Crockett” coonskin cap in the back of my closet will come back in fashion too.

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