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The nighttime cure for back pain

There IS a pill that can fight off back pain without any side effects… but you won’t get this one at your doctor’s office or the pharmacy.

If you want this pill, you’ve got to head to your local department store.

Dash past the perfume counters on the first floor — hold your breath if you can — and make a beeline up the escalator for the bedding department.

The PILL you’re looking for is a good PILL-ow!

New research reveals that one of the keys to beating back pain is in getting a good night’s sleep… and you can’t get the rest you need if you’re tossing and turning on a pillow that’s older than your kids.

Turns out the cells in your spine have little built-in alarm clocks.

They work in the day and shut down at night… when you’re SUPPOSED to be asleep.

But when you let your hours get all screwy, the clock gets thrown off and those cells don’t know when to amp up or wind down. According to this study on mice cells and human cells, that causes inflammation — and inflammation, as you no doubt know all too well, means PAIN, especially when it strikes your back.

Obviously, sleep alone won’t cure back pain, just as poor sleep alone isn’t the cause of it, either.

But if you’ve ever noticed your back feels better when you get more sleep… and worse when you’ve been up into the wee hours… now you know why, especially if you’ve been nursing an on-again, off-again back problem.

The team behind the new study is issuing the usual blah-blah-blah about how their “discovery” could help lead to new drugs, or better ways to use the old meds.

C’mon. Enough with the drugs.

Studies prove painkillers do little to nothing for many cases of chronic back pain — and most of them come with big-time risks. Over-the-counter meds can lead to internal bleeding, heart problems, and more… while prescription drugs can put you on the path to addiction and even death.

I’ve got something much safer for you to get “addicted” to, and it’s almost as enjoyable as a good snooze on a decent pillow: massage.

Therapeutic massage can work wonders for common forms of musculoskeletal pain, and a study a few years back found it can even work better than meds for back pain.

Don’t try to weasel a free back rub out of your spouse — they may mean well, but they could love you in even MORE pain. Get the real deal from someone trained in therapeutic massage instead.

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