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Chemotherapy linked to death risk

The Big C’s a cold-blooded killer, ruining millions of lives and leaving a trail of grieving loved ones behind.

No, I’m not talking about cancer.

The disease is deadly enough on its own — but the latest research finds the REAL reason for many of those deaths isn’t the cancer.

It’s the other Big C: CHEMO!

Whether it’s used as palliative care to help ease suffering in dying patients or as a supposed “cure” in folks who have what should be a treatable tumor, the new study finds it can do the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to.

Instead of killing the cancer… the chemo could kill YOU!

The study, published in the highly respected journal Lancet Oncology, looked at the death rate within 30 days of the start of treatment in patients who SHOULD have lived longer.

But when chemo entered the picture, all bets were off.

In some patients with terminal cancers, the chemo didn’t “ease” anything — unless your definition of “ease” is an even faster death.

And in some hospitals, the rate of death was FOUR TIMES higher than it should’ve been in cases where the chemo was supposed to help cure the cancer.

The researchers claim chemo still has a place for some patients and some cancers, and that hospitals with a higher death rate are doing a crummy job of figuring out who’s who.

But even in supposedly ideal cases, chemo is a lousy treatment.

If you’re given a terminal diagnosis, chemo can speed your decline and make your quality-of-life WORSE, not better, according to a major study published last year.

And for everyone else, it can leave behind long-term damage even when it “works,” as chemo survivors often go on to suffer other devastating illnesses, including heart and lung problems.

None of this will surprise your doc. He knows it — when he gets sick, odds are the last thing in the world he’s going to ask for is chemo.

One survey found three out of four docs would refuse chemo if they ever had cancer themselves!

But any doc who admits this out loud… and any doc who doesn’t toe the line on chemo… is treated like a heretic and practically chased out of medicine. State medical boards organize witch-hunts against anyone who won’t play ball!

If you’ve got cancer, whether it’s an early-stage tumor or a terminal case, you’ve got more options than these docs will ever let on — including ones they’re too afraid to even tell you about, such as intravenous vitamin C.

For a look at ALL your options, including natural cancer-fighting therapies that can help even in the most hopeless of cases, seek the advice of a skilled naturopathic medical doctor.

I recommend working closely with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine experienced in cancer care.

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