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Banned chemical could still ruin your health

Is there a bigger oxymoron than government action?

Public health officials spent the week patting themselves on the back after the FDA announced a ban on the chemicals triclosan and triclocarban, used in antibacterial soaps, and more than a dozen other dangerous ingredients.

They must be real proud, because it’s only been FORTY YEARS since they promised to take action!

In those intervening decades, triclosan has been dumped into practically everything: soaps, hand sanitizers, and hundreds of other products.

It’s even in toothpaste!

But this “clean” chemical has a dirty secret. It can do more damage to your body than any of those bacteria it promises to kill off.

It can screw with your hormone levels, especially thyroid, testosterone, and estrogen. It can block signals between brain and muscle — including the muscles that power your heart.

And guys, this stuff can even kill sperm!

With dangerous germs making headlines nearly every day, you might think it’s worth a little risk to kill the nasties.

But guess what? You don’t even need this junk to do the job! The government’s own experiments show “antibacterial soap” is no better at cleaning hands than the plain old soap and water your grandma used.

So, finally, the agency pulled the plug on it… and now that triclosan and the 18 other chemicals have finally been banned, you might think you’re in the clear.


The new rule DOESN’T apply to dozens of common products, including hand sanitizers and toothpaste — so, millions Americans will continue to be exposed to triclosan every single day.

It ONLY applies to products “intended for use with water, and rinsed off after use.”

In other words, it pretty much only applies to soap… and even then, the industry has a full year to ditch the stuff, and you can bet they’ll take that as an opportunity to use up every last bit of the stuff they have lying around.

It’ll be YEARS before this garbage is fully removed from every brand of soap — and even then, you won’t be free of it.

Along with still being used in other products, this poison has been so widely overused that it’s already in the groundwater. Like PCBs, which are still turning up in water decades after they were banned, triclosan is around for the long haul.

So to truly protect yourself and your family, take two steps.

First, shop smart. If something says it’s antibacterial or promises to kill germs, read the label closely. Better yet, avoid it completely. You can get just as clean with common-sense good hygiene.

And second, filter your water with reverse osmosis. You can find a system at a local hardware store for a few hundred bucks, and it’ll filter out absolutely everything.

Most people install it in the kitchen… but if you’re a smart cookie you’ll put it where the water enters your home to protect every drop from every faucet.

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