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This ‘bad’ habit can stop you from getting weak and frail

Who needs a gym when you’ve got happy hour?

Turns out the best way to keep your muscles from melting as you get older isn’t round after round of pointless gym exercise.

It’s a round or two of your favorite brew!

A little booze is the perfect muscle tonic for seniors — because the latest research proves that a moderate drinking habit can help keep you STRONGER for LONGER!

Frailty doesn’t get as much attention as diabetes, heart disease, dementia or cancer.

But turning frail can ruin your life just as quickly — and just as completely — as any major disease.

It can make it tough to get around… so hard to safely stay on your feet that you might start feeling like a prisoner in your own home, afraid to get out because you could get hurt too easily.

And any injury in a frail senior can lead to injury, disability, total loss of independence, and even death.

Now, the new study shows how a drink with dinner — whether it’s a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or even a shot of your favorite “poison” — can protect your independence by slashing your risk of frailty.

The reason is pretty simple: A moderate booze habit cuts the risk of body-wrecking inflammation… and inflammation is one of the biggest risk factors for turning weaker than Hillary’s latest email excuse.

And if you fill up and knock back a glass of your favorite tonic each night, your levels of the inflammation marker C-reactive protein will plunge by 21 percent when compared to teetotalers and folks who drink only rarely, according to the new study.

And that’s not all it can do for you.

Lower inflammation levels mean a lower risk of everything out to get you short of bear attacks. Lower levels of CRP in particular will cut your risk of heart attack, stroke, dementia and even some forms of cancer.

No wonder study after study shows that a little booze is powerful medicine. One study published earlier this year even found that moderate drinking will cut your risk of heart failure by a third and heart attack 28 percent.

The key, of course, is moderation. Isn’t that true with everything in life? The new study finds the biggest benefit goes to seniors who have an average of a drink a night.

Seniors who don’t drink at all are more likely to turn frail, sick and dead, of course… but so are folks who overdo it and drink too much.

And let’s face it: No one likes a lush.

So keep it to a drink or two a night and you’ll get all the benefits of booze without overdoing it.

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