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Don’t let them take away your meat

Fifteen years ago today, the nation was attacked out of the blue by hate-filled lunatics, plunging us into a war that continues even now.

So let’s all take a moment this morning to honor the lives cut short that day, and to pay tribute to those who’ve spent the past decade and a half fighting to keep us free.

Just don’t turn on the TV.

The idiots dominating the news don’t know how good they’ve got it, from the spoiled millionaire athletes who refuse to rise for the national anthem to vegans out protesting bacon.

I’m not kidding, they were out there just last weekend, protesting the most delicious food on the planet.

Can you think of a bigger waste of time?

They can have my bacon when they pry it from my cold, dead, greasy hands — and I’m confident that day won’t come anytime soon because eating meat isn’t unhealthy, like the sprout-heads claim.

It’s healthy, and it can even help you to lose weight!

So don’t fall for the new study being pushed by the patchouli-stinking, sandal-wearing, cow-hugging vegetarians, which claims switching to their diet can help you lose weight twice as fast.

Sure, in the study, folks who gave up meat lost more weight.

But they weren’t dieting… they were starving!

A vegetarian diet will cause you to fall short in protein, leading to muscle loss as you lose weight. You’ll also miss out on minerals such as zinc, which can wreck both your immune system and your sex life, and vitamin B12, which can lead to mood and memory problems.

Ever wonder why vegetarians are so gloomy? There’s your answer.

Fact is, neither group in the study had any weight loss worth writing home about. The meat eaters dropped about 2 pounds over a month, while vegetarians shed 4 pounds.

Big whoop!

The real problem with “meat eaters” in studies like this is they use the average meat eater — someone who usually has breaded chicken or beef on a sesame seed bun… with a side of fries.

That’s not a diet. That’s a death wish!

So if you want a diet that tastes great and will help you lose weight, don’t give up meat. Give up all that other junk.

Fresh meats — even bacon — as part of a healthy low-carb diet works so well that early on, many folks lose up to a POUND A DAY!

You can lose as much in the first week as you would in nearly two months on the vegetarian diet being pushed by the new study. The weight loss will eventually slow down, but it won’t let up until you hit your ideal weight.

When people ask you for the secret, don’t be afraid to tell them: It’s plenty of bacon.

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