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New cancer scam could target YOU

The moment a doc utters the “C” word, you can practically hear them sharpening the scalpels in the next room.

They don’t care if it’s a cancer that won’t hurt you.

They don’t care if it’s a cancer that’s best left alone.

They don’t even care if plucking out the tumor will do more damage than the “cancer” ever will.

When they spot the FEAR in your eyes after you hear the cancer diagnosis, they see dollar signs in their own eyes — because that’s when they cook up a plan to give you an expensive and sometimes devastating treatment that you don’t even need.

They’ve already been BUSTED for this little scam with prostate cancer, breast cancer, and more.

And now, the latest research shows how they’ve been secretly pulling the same stunt with thyroid cancer.

As with other cancers, new technology allows docs to spot even the tiniest set of abnormal cells — which sounds great, if you’ve bought into the whole “early detection, early treatment” mantra madness pushed by the mainstream media.

But it’s NOT great.

Most of those growths in the thyroid (and plenty of other places for that matter) will never, ever pose a threat and many shouldn’t even be called cancer.

Yet they’re getting detected and treated anyway, because the new study finds as many as FOUR OUT OF FIVE new thyroid cancers in American women treated in recent years should have been left completely alone.

And in men, nearly HALF of all cases shouldn’t have been diagnosed or treated.

These unnecessary treatments aren’t just a hustle for patients to fatten the wallets of doctors and surgeons.

They mean a lifetime of chronic health problems — because in one of the more common treatments, the thyroid is partially or entirely removed.

The thyroid isn’t like your middle toe. It’s not some random part you can live without.

It plays a critical role in cranking out the hormones you need to get through each day… and when it’s taken offline, you end up on hormone drugs… FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

And in some cases, if your thyroid is treated with radiation, you could end up with a new list of health problems in the years down the road.

That’s right, nearly EVERY SINGLE TREATMENT damages the thyroid… or even shuts it down completely.

So don’t fall for this little scam.

If you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, don’t assume that’s what it REALLY is — and even if it is, don’t assume it needs treatment.

As the new study shows very clearly, in most cases you don’t need anything at all.

So take some time, get a second or even third opinion, and work closely with the doctor who wants to take the least destructive course of action.

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