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How your meds can age you

How your meds can age you

You’re weak, tired, and fighting off constant, nagging muscle pain — and, adding insult to injury, your once-sharp memory is duller than an old butter knife.

Gripe about it to your doc, and he’ll shrug and tell you that getting older stinks.

But don’t blame your age for all those problems.

Blame that doctor!

He won’t admit it — he might not even know it — but most of the meds he’s practically shoving down your throat can suck essential nutrients right out of your body.

Now, an urgent new bulletin from Harvard University is telling docs to wake the heck up and recognize that those drug-induced deficiencies are causing serious problems in millions of Americans.

And since seniors are on the most meds… seniors are the hardest hit of all.

The proton pump inhibitors given for heartburn, for example, can sap you of vitamin B12 — and low B12 leads to memory problems, confusion, mood disorders, and muscle weakness.

Those same drugs will deprive you of calcium and magnesium, which are essential to heart, bone and more.

Statins given for cholesterol can cause your levels of CoQ10 to plunge, leading to muscle pain in some cases so severe it’s practically crippling.

Even the common diuretics taken by millions of seniors can cause your levels of calcium and vitamin D to plunge, according to the prestigious Harvard Health Letter, which is widely read by docs around the country.

Sure, no one hits the age of 70 feeling like they did at 30.

But aging doesn’t stink — and you DON’T have to live with brain fog, muscle pain, brittle bone, and memory loss.

I know 70-something seniors stronger and sharper than all those 20-something puffballs still living in mommy’s basement paying more attention to Pokémon than the world around them.

So if you’ve been struggling with any of these conditions, don’t assume it’s because you’re getting older.

If you’re on meds — especially any of the meds in the new Harvard bulletin — there’s your likely culprit.

The good news is that these drugs are almost never necessary — because you’ve got much better options for all these conditions, whether it’s heartburn or cholesterol control.

Hopefully, your doc is reading the Harvard Health Letter and is ready to help you make some changes.

Hopefully… but I wouldn’t count on it, because most of those guys are more stubborn than an old pack mule. They won’t change their ways, even when Harvard tells them to.

So don’t wait for your doc to come around. If he still has you on those meds, it’s time to make some changes. Seek the advice of an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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Jack Harrison

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