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Caveman diet cuts heart risk

You know the old saying about getting back to basics?

Well, friend, it’s time to go WAAAAAAAY back… not to the time of grandpa cranking his Model T, but to the time of Urk and Nuk living in their caves.

They may not have had air conditioning, TV, or iPhones, but they DID have something a whole lot better: a healthier diet!

New research proves yet again that going Paleo — a diet based on what our long-ago ancestors likely ate — can pack big benefits, not only helping you to lose weight but also slashing your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and an early death.

Maybe that’s why they didn’t have Cardiac Care Caves back then. They didn’t need them!

All kidding aside, the “Paleo” diet doesn’t mean eating Brontosaurus burgers with Fred and Barney, and you don’t have to club your own food.

It’s really just a diet based on all-natural foods, heavy on the meat, and absolutely nothing that’s been processed or refined.

Once you start on it, the changes are almost instantaneous — including real and measurable improvements in some of your key risk factors for heart disease.

In the new study, just eight weeks on the Paleo diet caused a dramatic shift in the levels of interleukin-10, a.k.a. IL-10.

IL helps balance out the inflammation marker interleukin-6. The better your IL-10 to IL-6 ratio, the less inflammation you have — and the less inflammation you have, the lower your risk of chronic disease, especially heart disease.

Most folks have much higher levels of IL-6 and lower levels of IL-10, which is one of the reasons heart disease is so common here in the non-caveman times.

But once you go Paleo, the IL-10 gets to work kicking that IL-6 right out of the cave.

As a result, the new study finds that just two months on this all-natural diet can boost IL-10 levels by a stunning 35 percent.

The diet wasn’t designed for weight loss. Weight loss wasn’t even part of the study — and the patients weren’t told to cut back on their food or count calories.

Just the opposite: They were given Paleo menus and told to eat as much as they wanted.

Yet despite two months of all-you-can-eat fatty meats, these patients actually LOST weight.

That’s a big win for this diet, which is a lot like the low-carb diet you’ve read so much about here in the Daily Dose over the years. The only difference? Paleo is a lot more restrictive and harder to follow.

You can get most of the same results by simply sticking to the time-tested, science-backed, common-sense low-carb diet instead.

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