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The happy habit that beats fibro

The key to beating some of the worst pain of fibromyalgia isn’t in a pill bottle. It’s not at your doctor’s office, either, or even at the pharmacy.

It’s in your swimming pool!

A dip in the water for some splashing around is good for the spirit — and the latest research shows how it’s even better for the body, especially if you’re locked in a desperate battle with the all-over pain of this devastating condition.

Start swimming yourself… just 50 minutes, three times a week… and you can expect to see your pain levels drop BY HALF!

The study didn’t flat-out compare swimming to pain pills, but a 2011 analysis of chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia finds anyone hoping for relief from a med is going to be badly disappointed.

Half of patients get NO RELIEF at all… while the other half see a reduction of a measly 30 percent.

Swimming, on the other hand, not only cuts pain levels in half, but it’s just about one of the best ways to spend an afternoon — especially if you bring the grandkids along. It’s also a great way to keep active without the strain of traditional exercise, which many fibromyalgia patients can’t handle even on their best days.

Swim season is coming to an end for most of the country — so if there are no indoor pools near you, the study finds a simple walk is just as effective.

Yes… WALKING can cure pain!

I know walking is a challenge for some folks. Walking with fibro can be like walking on a bed of nails and over hot coals at the same time.

From what I’ve heard, most folks find that the hardest part is the first step. Each one gets easier after that — and once you get used to it, that firewalk often becomes a cakewalk.

If you’ve tried walking and swimming and still can’t get any relief, I’ve got two other options for you. One’s cheap, and the other will cost you a few bucks.

First, give up all artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. It might sound crazy, but this stuff can actually trigger fibro pain — and it’s hiding in everything from cola to pancake mix.

If you’re tried swimming… walking… and giving up fake sweeteners and STILL can’t get any relief, it might be time to get out your checkbook and spring for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This treatment has proven to CURE fibromyalgia in 70 percent of patients!

You can read more about this groundbreaking therapy in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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