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Bogus new blood pressure study aims to put you on pills

Here comes the pushback!

Docs have FINALLY started to take their feet off your throat when it comes to blood pressure.

It’s about time too, as years of science show that slightly elevated BP is nothing to worry about in most cases. Heck, TREATING it will cause more harm than those BP levels ever will, because those drugs around downright risky.

So far so good? Nope!

They’re trying to turn back the clock and once again cram meds down your throat anytime your BP levels rise if you’ve got diabetes.

An ugly new study claims that the recent push away from meds is all wrong. Drug ’em all… give out meds the way Oprah gave out dopey prizes… because they claim even a little bump in BP will boost your heart and stroke risk.

And you’re not going to believe the little stunt they pulled to reach this conclusion.

Instead of studying EVERYONE, they began picking and choosing, narrowing down patients until they plucked out anyone with a history of heart problems such as cardiovascular disease.

When you pull out all the unhealthy patients, what are you left with? Healthy patients! As healthy as diabetics can be anyway — leaving them with an entire study filled with folks who had a low risk of heart problems to begin with.

Yes, friend, they stacked the deck, and they did it so well that even the patients who WEREN’T treated had a 50 percent lower-than-expected rate of heart problems.

The authors didn’t claim any conflicts of interest, but this is straight out of the Big Pharma playbook: limit your studies to the healthiest patients, and you’ll see the lowest rate of any problems.

It’s why drugs that get approved because they look so good in studies end up turning into turkeys once they’re unleashed on a trusting public.

So let’s take some of the HYPE out of hypertension and look at why even mainstream docs have been dialing back the meds: They don’t work!

A major 2012 study found that blood pressure drugs are no better than a placebo when it comes to everything you care about. They don’t cut the risk of heart attack, stroke, or even death in patients with stage 1 hypertension, the most common form of the disease.

It’s true that sky-high blood pressure is a sign of something gone wrong. If that happens to you, you don’t need a med… You need a doc who can figure out what the “something” is.

I recommend working closely with an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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