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Mainstream media bashes senior drivers

They never miss a chance at a cheap shot.

The mainstream media LOVES to blame seniors for absolutely everything — to the point where anytime older folks are involved in a car crash, they’re automatically guilty.

Now, the media is warning folks that old people are out joyriding while stoned on painkillers.

Can you believe this alarmist nonsense?

Here’s an actual Reuters headline that appeared online and in newspapers around the country:

Senior drivers taking opioid painkillers have higher crash risk

First of all, NO KIDDING.

Who the heck doesn’t have a higher crash risk when they’re loopy on pain pills?

And second, the study itself found no such thing!

It looked at drivers from the age of 50 years old all the way up to 80 and found that EVERYONE has a higher crash risk when they take those drugs.

Whether you’re 50 or 80, your risk doubles if you try to drive when you first take the meds. If you’ve been taking them regularly, the risk is “only” 70 percent higher, according to the study.

Again, that’s across EVERY age group, not just seniors… yet older folks are treated like road hazards for having the nerve to keep independent.

So let me deliver a Daily Dose of truth for the clueless media hacks who keep missing the point and push this dangerous ageist stereotype: Older folks are some of the best drivers around.

Sure, seniors are more likely to die after an accident — and naturally, and the media likes to spin that as “proof” older folks are playing smash-up derby out there.

But that’s not the real story.

The DEATH rate might be higher — seniors are frailer to being with — but the CRASH rate isn’t!

A 67-year-old driver has roughly the same crash rate per mile as a 27-year-old driver, and older folks are better than younger ones by nearly every key measure.

Older drivers are less likely to drive drunk. In fact, folks below the age of 65 are more than THREE TIMES more likely to drive while impaired than seniors, according to the CDC.

Seniors also have the smarts to stay off the roads when it’s unsafe.

They’re LESS likely to drive in storms… LESS likely to drive on icy roads… LESS likely to drive at night… and even drive LESS overall!

There’s only one thing that’s not LESS and that’s the insurance bill, because those crooks love to bilk seniors — forcing older folks to cough up more dough to help subsidize everyone else.

It’s time to say ENOUGH.

First, when your insurance renewal comes up, shop around. Odds are, there’s a better deal out there.

And second, if you want to save some extra scratch, there are classes where you sit through a couple of hours of dull “safe driving” videos that’ll cut a few bucks off your insurance.

Your local library or senior center may offer the classes at discount or even for free.

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