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The REAL reason seniors suffer from bone breaks

They’ll blame you… blame your age… and they might even call you CLUMSY (just not to your face).

But if you suffer a bone-breaking fall, docs won’t blame THE ONE THING responsible for more of those injuries than anything else.

It’s not you — it’s your meds!

You might feel shakier than a Chihuahua in winter… dizzier than a kid on a carnival ride… and foggier than evening in London.

But it’s not because you’re older — it’s because drugs routinely given to seniors cause all those problems and then some.

And new research shows that even after a fall… even after a debilitating break or fracture… docs STILL refuse to ease patients off those dangerous meds.

Some 75 percent of seniors who suffer a bone break are taking meds that can increase the risk of a fall and/or meds known to weaken bone.

But the study finds that even after they suffer that crippling injury, a stunning 93 percent are ordered by their docs to KEEP TAKING THE DRUGS!

Even more amazingly, some patients who weren’t on those meds before the fall are put on them afterward.

What the heck are these quacks thinking???

Answer: They’re NOT.

They’re blaming… and they’re blaming YOU instead of the meds.

But the fact is, many of the most common drugs seniors take today can cause or contribute to bone breaks.

Sleeping pills, blood pressure meds, painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, allergy pills, and mood meds can all throw your balance off-kilter.

Some of them fake you out, too. You feel just fine — until you stand up or turn around suddenly and the world starts spinning around you.

Next thing you know — BOOM! — you’re face-down on the floor and in pain.

Other common meds — including stomach acid drugs, especially proton pump inhibitors, and steroids such as prednisone — can turn your bone into peanut brittle.

It’s a one-two punch that can send you straight to the ER for a painful bone break with a long and difficult recovery.

And some older folks suffer the ultimate indignity: They’re left crippled for life, and need help with everything from getting dressed to bathing.

That total loss of independence isn’t just humiliating. It can get you tossed into a “care” facility, a shock to the system that often leads to a rapid decline ending in an early death.

Don’t let this happen to you, my friend.

If you’re on multiple meds, arrange for a “brown bag checkup” at least twice a year. That’s a sit-down with a pharmacist who specializes in geriatric medicine and can go over all your pills to spot problems.

If your insurance doesn’t cover it, it might run you about $30 — and it’ll be worth every penny if it gets even one unnecessary med taken out of your life, cutting your risk of a fall and other serious problems.

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