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What your gallstones are REALLY telling you

Think you know pain?

If you haven’t had gallstones, you don’t know pain my friend — and be glad you don’t.

I’ve got a buddy who was shot in the service, then had gallstones years later. He told me he’d rather be shot again TWICE than deal with gallstones!

But when it comes to gallstones, there’s something much worse than pain at stake… because new research finds a direct link between the absolute misery of gallstones and the nation’s number one killer.

And if you have active gallstones yourself, I’ve got some bad news for you today: Your risk of heart disease just jumped by 17 percent, according to the study in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (try saying that one five times fast).

I doubt the stones themselves are messing with your heart.

After all, they’re just sitting there in the gallbladder until they get removed (or, in some extreme cases, until docs yank out the entire gallbladder).

The real reason has got to be in your bile acids.

Your gallbladder is like a storage unit for those essential acids, which do a whole lot more than help with digestion.

They’re also positively critical when it comes to heart function.

When they’re out of whack, you could face heart problems — and gallstones are the first (and maybe ONLY) warning sign of acid levels that are screwier than this year’s election.

Ready for the scary part?

You could have the makings of gallstones in you RIGHT NOW and not even know it!

Despite their reputation for world-class misery — just ask my buddy — you won’t feel a thing when they first start forming.

It’s only when they grow and start to hop around in there like Mexican jumping beans that the jagged edges bounce off the gallbladder walls and leave you howling in pain.

Since there’s no way to know for sure, assume you’ve got at least the makings of one — because if you wait until it’s obvious, you’ll have waited too long.

In any case, there’s an easy way to restore balance to your bile acids, cut the risk of gallstones and protect the heart at the same time.

It’s called chlorogenic acid. Never heard of it? I bet you’ve heard of coffee — because that’s one of the best sources of the stuff.

Not coincidentally, coffee can both cut the risk of gallstones AND help protect the heart… so drink up.

Just make sure you drink honest-to-goodness coffee and not a Double Caramel Frappuccino — because all that sugar in those overpriced concoctions will increase your risk of gallstones AND heart problems, not cut it.

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