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Is your blood thinner killing you?

Enjoy the thrills and chills of a life-or-death battle for survival?

Then forget the loud and explosive summer blockbusters at your local movie theater and head for your doctor’s office — because he’s got something that features more brushes with death than a Tom Cruise action flick.

And you might already be taking it!

It’s warfarin, a.k.a. Coumadin, a.k.a. RAT POISON — because you can put the same stuff in your garage if you’ve got a rodent problem.

If that right there isn’t death-defying enough, new research shows how taking this med can give you a lifetime of edge-of-your-seat thrills, since it’s almost impossible to have safe levels for an extended period of time.

As anyone who takes this drug can tell you — as you might already know first-hand — when a doc puts you on warfarin, you get more than just a drug.

You get more tests than you’ve had since grade school. But unlike those childhood exams, it’s not just failure on the line.

It’s your very life!

If your levels drop too low, the drug isn’t doing its job and thinning your blood; and you could suffer a clot and a blockage that could kill you.

If your levels are too high, the drug is working too well, thinning your blood so much that you could suffer serious internal bleeding that could kill you.

This delicate dance with death goes on for years — possibly for the rest of your life — as the new study finds most patients never achieve that balance between too low and too high.

In the latest study, a full 90 PERCENT of patients couldn’t maintain complete stability for six months, and 74 percent couldn’t even hit levels that docs would consider “mostly” stable for that period of time.

They’ve either got too much or too little, facing a potentially deadly emergency situation either way.

Just 26 percent of patients managed to hold onto mostly stable levels for six months — but eventually, even most of them fell off the wagon. After those six months, TWO-THIRDS ended up with wildly unstable warfarin levels.

It’s a constant battle, and one you’re always on the verge of losing.

Docs will tell you the newer blood thinners on the market are better than rat poison, but studies show they’re really not a heckuva lot better — and in some ways, they’ll kill you even faster than that warfarin.

It’s like you just can’t win!

But you can.

Your local pill-pushing hack won’t tell you this, but in many cases you’ve got other options. Fish oil can thin the blood without putting your life on the line, but I have to warn you: If you need a blood thinner or are already on one and looking for a way off, you can’t do this on your own.

Work with a naturopathic medical doctor, ideally an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

I’ll have another use for fish oil coming up later today — and you’ve got diabetes, or know anyone who has the disease, you won’t want to miss this one.

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