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Nasty germ in your head can lead to cancer in your tail

The dentist is the one place we’re supposed to keep our mouths open — but that’s where I keep mine shut.

Not literally, of course; I’m there for a cleaning and checkup after all, and I’m not trying to be difficult.

But whenever a dentist or hygienist asks how I keep my teeth and gums so healthy, I clam up. I’ve learned over the years that telling them I use hydrogen peroxide is a big no-no.

I’ve gotten crazy looks… long lectures… and one dentist even told me it was dangerous for my gums.

That’s nonsense; it’s not only perfectly safe (just use the 3 percent stuff), it’s also the best way to kill nasty mouth germs — and the latest research shows why you especially want to wipe those bugs out.

They could KILL you!

A common germ linked to tooth decay called Fusobacterium nucleatum can do more than rot your mouth out.

It’s also been found to hang on to colon growths and tumors like backstage groupies.

Docs have dismissed this as coincidence. Who knows, maybe these germs just want to be near a hole and don’t care which one it is.

But there are no coincidences in your body, and the latest research shows what those little monsters are REALLY up to when they’re up your you-know-what.

Once they get into the colon, they latch onto any growths and tumors. They don’t care about any other part of the colon — only those growths and tumors, where they practically form a shield that protects them from your immune response.

Without the immune system harassing it, they can grow out-of-control in a hurry. Harmless little growths are suddenly dangerous tumors… and dangerous tumors are suddenly killer cancers.

Yes, this nasty germ is like fuel for a colorectal cancer fire — and it gets there from your mouth!

The study finds that when you have bleeding gums, these germs can hop into your bloodstream and travel straight to the colon, where they gather and quietly set the stage for cancer.

And that’s not the only nasty oral germ that can mess you up if it gets inside.

Mouth bacteria have been linked to heart attack… stroke… dementia… and even DEATH!

You want to keep them OUT, and no minty supermarket toothpaste will kill them all effectively.

For that, you need to break out the big guns — and that’s why I brush with a mix of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, and rinse with a mouthful of the hydrogen peroxide.

No little bacteria can survive the whirlpool of a hydrogen peroxide rinse, which finds them no matter where they’re hiding in your mouth.

The only real downside is that some folks find it a little harsh; so feel free to mix it with some water or a fluoride-free mouthwash.

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