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Your meds could cost and arm and a leg

I’ve never had a hernia — but if I ever get one, it’ll be from bringing in the insurance papers from the mailbox.

We’re hitting that time of year where we start getting stacks and stacks of papers about our health coverage.

Don’t be tempted to toss them out, at least not ’til you look them first, because there are always some details hidden in there to screw you over.

And this year, they’ve come up with a doozy: They’re not even covering all your meds!

CVS Caremark and Express Scripts, the nation’s two biggest prescription drug insurers, have just cooked up a plot to save THEM big bucks… while leaving you in the lurch.

In some cases, they could literally leave you gasping for air — because they’ve yanked coverage for several common asthma inhalers.

They’ve also pulled the plug on diabetes meds… cancer drugs… rheumatoid arthritis treatments… and more.

All told, CVS has pulled 130 drugs. Caremark has yanked 85 of them.

It’s a game of chicken with Big Pharma. The insurers are trying to drive a hard bargain to cut prices — and if the drug companies don’t play along, they cut the med instead.

And you’re caught in the middle. If you want to keep taking these drugs — if you NEED these drugs — you’ll have to shell out full retail price.

You don’t want to find that out at the pharmacy window, my friend. They might have to pick you up off the floor after you see some of those prices!

So the time to figure this stuff out is now.

Whether you have CVS or Caremark or another plan, make sure you read those papers carefully when they arrive in the coming weeks. Same goes for your other insurance paperwork.

Get a magnifying glass, you might need it.

Along with shifting drug coverage, insurers also routinely jack up the premiums, copays, and deductibles and make changes to hospitalization coverage that could cost you thousands if you ever end up in the ER.

So pay close attention to see what’s changed, so you can shop around and compare while you still have the chance.

If a drug you take is off the list, you might to consider a new plan or ask your doc if there’s a different med you can take instead.

Better yet, ask if there’s something you can take that’s NOT a med. Ask about your natural alternatives, because in many cases, you’ve got options.

You won’t always hear about them from a pill-pushing mainstream doc. But you WILL get the full scoop from an experienced naturopathic medical doctor.

I recommend working closely with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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