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Shocking truth about hospital ‘care’

Sometimes, “care” is the last thing you get right when you need it most — especially in the hospital.

Some folks come home in WORSE shape, battling all kinds of horrible new problems they didn’t have before.

I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous.

It’s like bringing your car in for an oil change and coming home with two flats, bad brakes, and a broken radiator.

But it happens all the time, my friend, and new numbers show it’s shockingly common — especially among seniors.

A full THIRD of folks over the age of 70 are sent home with new problems — serious ones — that developed while they were in the hospital.

That’s one in three… and that’s not even the worst number in the study.

The older you are, the bigger the risk. In folks over 80, HALF of all patients are booted from the hospital with brand-new health problems, including both crippling physical disabilities and serious mental-health problems.

It can happen in a flash, too.

Say you have pneumonia… or suffer a fall… or just have chest pain that may or may not be a sign of a serious heart problem.

No matter what it is, once you’re inside, you’re practically shackled to an uncomfortable bed, with more tubes and hoses coming out of you than an old Buick.

Want to sleep? Don’t bother. It’s the one thing you need most for your recovery, but you can’t get it in a noisy, smelly hospital.

Want to get up and stretch your legs? You practically need an act of Congress. You have to wait for a nurse who has the time and patience to come in and remove some of the stuff and help you up so you can walk around like a normal human being for a few minutes.

Want to go to the bathroom? You already know the answer. That hose is there for a reason… and it’s not because you actually need it in most cases. It’s because the nurse doesn’t have time to come and help you up every time you need to pee.

It’s insult AND injury, delivered all at once from hospital “care” — and it’s often made worse by the fact that patients are given every drug in the pharmacy while they’re in there.

These meds can knock a moose over… so OF COURSE they can wreck a senior, making you dizzy, nauseous, delusional and more.

No wonder older folks are leaving the hospital looking like the “Walking Dead”!

Obviously, I’m not saying you should avoid the hospital at all costs. When your life’s on the line, make sure you call an ambulance and get there ASAP.

But you also need an enforcer — someone who can come in and check on you during your stay and make sure you get the care you need and deserve.

So as always, sit down with your family and close friends and have “the talk.” Discuss what needs to be done if you go into a hospital… and make sure everyone in your circle knows you’ll do the same for them.

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