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DASH away from this dumb gout ‘cure’

There’s no pain quite like gout pain. It’s like trying to give birth to a flaming porcupine through your toe — and that’s just the Disney version.

Ask folks battling gout to describe it, and you’ll get some answers I can’t print here.

But there’s something even worse than the agony of gout… and that’s the sheer misery of the diet they’re now pushing on folks battling this painful form of arthritis.

It’s the dopey DASH diet, which stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.” I think the real reason it’s called DASH is because once you start on it, you can “dash” all hope of ever eating a decent meal!

This is the low-fat, low-salt, low-taste nonsense with very little belly-filling, muscle-building meat and plenty of the vegetables that’ll leave you practically starving even if you graze on them all day long.

In exchange for absolutely hating every meal… and hating every moment between meals as your ever-rumbling stomach reminds you of what you’re missing… you’re supposed to get less gout pain.

But guess what?

That’s not even a guarantee! The study pushing this diet didn’t actually record pain levels or the number of gout flare-ups.

All they did was check uric acid levels in the blood. And sure, on this diet, those levels dropped.

Since uric acid forms the painful crystals around the toe joint that lead to gout pain, the researchers assume that would lead to fewer attacks and less pain.

They even boast that the drop in uric acid levels matches what people see when they take gout drugs.

Funny they should mention that — because even when those meds drop uric acid levels, many of them DON’T actually cut pain or reduce the number of flare-ups. A study on one of those drugs found that some patients actually get WORSE even as uric acid levels plunge.

If you suffer from gout, there are two steps you can take right now that’ll cut uric acid and reduce or even eliminate the number of painful attacks — and neither one involves switching to a horrible diet that may not even cut your pain levels.

First, drop the extra pounds, because belly fat seems to cause the body to churn out excess uric acid.

And second, eat more cherries — or take a cherry supplement. Your own doc might dismiss this as folk medicine, but science proves that cherries are REAL medicine for gout patients.

They’re loaded with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients called anthocyanins that can wipe out uric acid crystals.

As a result, a 2012 study found that chowing down on 30 delicious cherries (talk about hard work!) or knocking back a glass of pure cherry extract during an attack cut the risk of a future flare-up by more than a third.

You can read all about it for free right here.

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