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Secret dangers hidden in your food

When it comes to your food, it’s the Wild West out there — because the FDA has just given the industry license to put whatever it wants into what you eat.

They DON’T have to conduct independent studies to prove these additives are safe.

They DON’T have to tell the FDA anything about these chemicals.

They DON’T even have to list many of them on the ingredients panel!

The agency just formalized its rules on additives — including preservatives, coloring agents, flavoring agents and more — which allow anything “generally recognized as safe” to be put into your food.

How do these chemicals, which you need a PhD to even pronounce, become “generally recognized as safe?”

You’re not going to believe this one, friend. They become “safe” when the company that’s using the stuff says so!

They’re allowed to hire their own “experts” to make the decision if they want. They could also go to an existing industry-friendly panel, or hire their own expert panel — which you can bet would be about as impartial and fair as the Russian judges at the Olympics.

The new FDA rules say it would be nice if the food industry tells the agency which chemicals are safe — but there’s not even a requirement that they do so.

It’s strictly voluntary.

So what we have is companies that sell food also being in charge of deciding if what’s in those foods are safe.

What could possibly go wrong?

Fact is, there’s a long and ugly history of the food industry claiming its additives are safe when the science shows just the opposite.

The “caramel color” used in sodas and such isn’t a splash of carnival candy to make it oh-so-sweet.

It’s sugar cooked with ammonia!

It’s as bad as it sounds. The process might give soda its dark color, but it also unleashes chemicals called 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole.

The food industry claims these monster chemicals are safe, but independent studies have linked them to lung, liver and thyroid cancers as well as leukemia in laboratory animals.

The links are so strong that California is adding one of those chemicals to its list of known carcinogens!

That’s just one example. Trans fats were “generally recognized as safe” for years, now they’re on the verge of being banned. The chemical azodicarbonamide used in breads and other baked goods is “generally recognized as safe,” but recent independent studies have linked it to respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Don’t wait until the next big bombshell revelation about what’s in your food. Cut your risks and improve your health at the same time by avoiding processed junk and sticking only to fresh foods.

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