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How NOT to cure the flu

Watch out this autumn, my friend!

Tamiflu is going generic — and of course, the mainstream is celebrating the fact that this bad-news flu drug is now “cheaper” and “more accessible.”

But the only thing becoming “more accessible” this flu season will be an extra dose of misery… because the side effects of this drug can make the flu look like a tea party.

I wish I were exaggerating.

Sadly, I’m not — because Tamiflu is like a Hillary speech: It’s a recipe for nausea and vomiting.

Most folks who take the drug and hurl think it’s just the flu at work. But a major 2014 analysis by the highly respected Cochrane researchers found it’s the DRUG causing the pukes!

Think I’m done? Not by a long shot!

This drug can cause headaches… kidney problems… and even psychiatric problems. In other words, it’s so bad it could make you literally go out of your mind.

With side effects like that, you’d think this drug would at least deliver on the promise of a little relief from the misery of the flu.


In a head-to-head matchup, it provided pretty much the same benefit as plain old Tylenol… which is to say it didn’t do a heckuva lot. With no meds of any kid, the flu takes about a week to blow through your body.

Taking Tamiflu or Tylenol won’t even cut a full day off that. At most, you can expect to be rid of the flu about 16 hours earlier.

Impressed? Me neither… and this wasn’t just a single study that “went wrong,” or some crazy report from the fringes.

This was a careful analysis of 46 clinical trials!

Believe it or not, that’s not even the worst of the news about this drug — because there are enough shenanigans surrounding this thing to start a circus.

A 2012 exposé found the company that made the drug was hiding key data… including EIGHT unpublished studies (that we know of) and 60 percent of all patient data from the drug’s Phase III clinical trials.

Once you look at the REAL data, you find that along with NOT cutting flu duration or easing symptoms, Tamiflu also WON’T cut the risk of complications. It won’t keep you out of the hospital, and it won’t even stop the virus from spreading to others.

If you’ve got flu, you’re better off trying just about anything else, including grandma’s basics: A few days in bed with the remote control within arm’s reach and plenty of hot soup.

This isn’t folk medicine — chicken soup is packed with carnosine, an immune-boosting amino acid that has the power to punch out both cold and flu viruses so they stop replicating inside the body.

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