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Why men are turning feeble and effeminate

So long, John Wayne… hello, Johnny Depp.

The Duke was a tough-talking straight shooter. You looked at him, you knew you were looking at a man’s man.

You look at Johnny Depp — today’s leading “man” of the movies — and you’re looking at a guy who wears eyeliner.

This isn’t limited to Hollywood femmes.

The sad reality is that girly-men are taking over the nation, and new research confirms what I’m sure you’ve suspected for years: Guys today are softer than marshmallows!

Grip tests show that men have been steadily losing strength over the years — dropping from an average of 117 pounds of pressure in 1985 to a wimpy 98 pounds today.

It’s the 98-pound weakling from the old comics, come to life before our eyes.

That’s not only weaker than a guy’s grip just a generation ago… it’s so weak that women between the ages of 30 and 34 ALSO have 98 pounds of pressure in their grip.

Yes, today’s guys are like gals in more ways than just their cosmetics.

The researchers explained it away by coming up with some claptrap about how fewer men are doing real labor, like farming and manufacturing.

Maybe there’s some truth to that.

But even 30 years ago, most of those jobs were already either headed south of the border… or the people south of the border were headed up here to do them, since American’s won’t.

So there’s more to this story, and I’ll tell you exactly what it is: ESTROGEN.

Today’s “men” are dosed with estrogen daily, and you can blame the push toward a “plant-based diet” because the main plant in that diet is soy — a vegetable form of estrogen that’s such a good mimic that your body actually believes it’s getting a hormone boost.

There’s also estrogen in Big Dairy’s nasty factory-farmed milk… and estrogen in packaged foods from the chemicals used in plastics and can liners.

Estrogen is everywhere!

The result? Look around you — it’s getting harder each day to tell the boys from the girls.

Those “guyliner”-wearing weaklings are on their own… but YOU can be saved with this common-sense advice.

Avoid soy and other sources of estrogen, and get back to basics. Eat more beef — which contains muscle-building proteins — and real, fresh hormone-free dairy. Studies show dairy proteins cause your muscles to suck up the amino acids they need to grow and recover.

You may not have the strength you did when you were 20, but you can certainly have enough strength to put one of today’s 20-year-olds to shame.

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