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Don’t leave the hospital without reading this!

Let’s face it: You wouldn’t want to stay very long in most hospitals.

They smell bad, and they’re full of screaming lunatics. Even stray dogs wouldn’t eat the food.

But new research shows that some hospitals don’t want you in there very long, either. In fact, like the local flophouse, they’re more interested in turning over beds than in actually taking care of you.

And if you’re brought in for a serious problem, they might try to shove you back out BEFORE they’ve fixed you up.

I know that sounds crazily irresponsible. But it’s TRUE, as the study finds that one in five seniors are sent home with shaky vital signs — readings in some cases so poor that they should be under constant watch.

Instead, they’re getting the boot.

Some of them are still running a dangerously high fever — but are told tough luck. Go home, and take some Advil.

Some have heart rates still galloping like a spooked horse… but they’re sent home, too.

Still others have problems with their blood pressure… respiratory rates… and oxygen saturation.

These aren’t optional signs of your health. They’re called “VITAL” signs — and there’s a reason these key measures are monitored 24/7 when you’re in a jam.

But the study finds many folks are being sent home with at least one of these vital signs still way off — and some have two or three vital signs on the fritz, but are tossed out anyway.

And that can have devastating consequences.

Seniors with just one vital sign out of whack are 36 percent more likely to end up right back in the hospital inside of a month — and more than TWICE as likely to die, according to the study.

And folks released with three or more wonky vital signs are FOUR TIMES more likely to die!

If that’s not an indication that hospitals have got their priorities screwed up, I don’t know what is — because there’s no way in heck feverish seniors still struggling to breathe should be sent back home.

But it’s happening, and it’s happening every single day.

Look, I know the score. If someone at the hospital asks if you want to go home, you’ll practically leap out of your bed.


Of course you want to go home, and I don’t blame you. But if you go home before you’re stable, you could end up right back in the joint — and that’s if you’re lucky.

If you’re not, your wife might be calling a coroner instead of an ambulance.

So when you’re in for care, make sure you actually get it — BEFORE you go home.

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