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Is your tap water hiding chemical foam?

The most dangerous chemicals in your home might not be the bleach in the laundry room… the kerosene in the garage… or the propane in the basement.

It’s the water flowing from your sink!

U.S. drinking water is a dangerous chemical cocktail. Drinking it won’t cause you to drop dead immediately the way drinking bleach will… but this stuff can wreck your health slowly over the long run.

Now, a damning new report finds yet ANOTHER set of dangerous chemicals turning up in our drinking water.

They’re called polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl, aka PFASs, commonly used in firefighting foams. They put out a fire, and this stuff goes into the groundwater supply — and your local water treatment plant can’t handle it.

As a result, the study finds at least SIX MILLION AMERICANS across 14 states are drinking water laced with these nasty chemicals, according to the study in Environmental Science and Technology Letters.

I’ve already seen mainstream hacks trying to dismiss this study, claiming the levels in water are very low.

But here’s the problem: Once inside your body, this stuff camps out. It takes three and a half years just to get rid of HALF of it — so if you’re getting steady doses through your water, the levels inside your body will be steadily rising, not falling.

Over the years, that can boost your odds of cancer, hormone changes, obesity, immune system problems, and more.

This stuff is so dangerous it’s supposedly being phased out — but as the new study shows, there’s still plenty of it hanging around.

Even if you’re not among the millions of Americans drinking water tainted with firefighting chemicals, there’s not a chance in the world the stuff flowing into your home is clean.

U.S. drinking water across the country is loaded with more chemicals than the lab on NCIS.

Rocket fuel… cocaine… antibiotics… and more are turning up in the water. There are even sex-change hormones in the water — and it’s popping up in such high levels that in some places, it’s causing fish to “transition” from Bruces into Caitlyns.

There are literally HUNDREDS of chemicals found in the water — and most of them are not only completely unregulated, but water departments don’t even TEST for them.

So don’t take chances with your health or the health of your family.

There’s one and only one way to protect your water supply, and that’s to make sure you filter all of it with reverse osmosis, the only system that can remove absolutely everything.

You’ll find these systems available for a few hundred bucks. You can install it yourself or hire a plumber.

Don’t put it in the kitchen. Place it where the water enters your home to ensure every tap is protected.

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