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How to spot dementia… years before it strikes!

I’ve got a buddy who ALWAYS says the wrong thing.

I can be a little politically incorrect myself, but some of the things that come out of his mouth can make even MY jaw drop.

I’m sure you know someone like that. We all do.

But if you’ve got a polite and mild-mannered pal who suddenly has a mouth that’ll make a sailor blush… a reserved friend who starts discussing intimate details… or a calm and trusting family member is getting nutty and paranoid… it might not be just a late-life change of heart.

A new report out of Canada finds that personality changes in seniors could be the earliest warning sign of dementia!

A group of leading brain researchers cooked up a list of 34 questions to help spot the personality changes that could lead to dementia.

Bear in mind that we’re not talking day-to-day mood swings or the occasional “off-color” comment, but noticeable changes that last for at least six months.

You look over the list presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto earlier this month here.

Heck, you might want to print it out and stick to the fridge. Print out extra copies for your circle of friends and loved ones so you can all keep tabs on each other.

The list includes personality changes such as sudden frustration and impatience and worrying over routine things like a trip to the grocery store or a visit from the grandkids.

Oh, and if you know a senior who suddenly picks up an imaginary friend, that’s not quirky.

That’s a warning sign!

Ready for the key part of all this?

These changes can kick in when your memory’s still so sharp that dementia might not even seem like a possibility.

So if you spot those changes in a friend or loved one — or if someone sees them in YOU — don’t just write it off.

It’s time to ACT.

Time is of the essence when it comes to dementia, and while there’s no drug to cure the disease or even stop it from developing, there IS something you can do about it.

But it works best if you get started ASAP.

A powerful blend of B vitamins has proven to slow dementia in seniors, including both the memory loss as well as the physical damage inside the brain itself.

It’s so effective that drug companies are trying to cook up a way to patent it, jack up the price and sell it as a med — but you can get everything you need in your local vitamin shop.

Get the details in this free report from the Daily Dose archives.

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