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The annoying habit that could keep you alive

I’ve got an idea for a new line of sofas and easy chairs. Instead of dozens of springs inside, there will be just one big one.

One big spring… and a timer that kicks in the moment it detects a butt settling in.

After 30 minutes, the big spring lets loose and flings you across the room!

A little extreme? Maybe — but sitting is just about the most dangerous habit we all share, because too much time spent with your body shifted in “Park” position can increase your risk of death.

Before it kills you, it could even make you go blind, as I shared earlier today.

Obviously, you have to sit every now and then. But it doesn’t have to be total down time — because new research shows one simple way to slow some of the damage of sitting and goose your metabolism at the same time.

But I’ve got to warn you… this one might drive your spouse nuts!

It’s fidgeting, and the new study finds that moving your legs and feet while you sit can help keep the blood flowing, slowing some of the metabolic damage that comes from sitting around.

In a series of experiments, women were asked to sit for three hours while tapping one leg and keeping the other still.

Tests showed that the tapping leg had much better circulation than the one kept still, with fidgeting causing a measurable boost in the flow of blood through the artery.

Blood in the leg that was kept still, on the other hand, started to flow like molasses.

This might sound silly. Heck, it is a little silly. But there’s some dead serious business here — because it’s not just a matter of better circulation.

That same slowdown in the blood flow can lead to blood clots!

On the other hand, all that fidgeting comes with some risks of its own.

The gals in the study moved the fidgeting leg an average of 250 times per minute. If I ever sat at the table squirming and shaking like that, my wife would either throw me out or call an ambulance.

Naturally, the best way to keep blood flowing isn’t to sit and fidget like a second grader. It’s to keep up and on your feet.

But since you DO have to sit, and sometimes you just need a little rest, then moving your leg a little isn’t the worst idea in the world… unless it’s getting on your spouse’s nerves.

There are good habits, and then there are grounds for divorce.

One way to get the most out of fidgeting without driving your better half up a wall is to forget the TV when you sit and turn on some music instead.

Tap your toes, snap your fingers. Now it’s not annoying anymore. You’ve got rhythm. You’ve got music. You’ve got each other.

Who could ask for anything more?

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