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Study proves it: Sunscreen is a lie!

If I told you to try something with PROVEN risks and no proven benefits, you’d tell me I was nuts… and I’d agree with you!

So why in heck are you still wearing sunscreen?

Despite all the propaganda claiming this stuff will cut your risk of skin cancer… despite the relentless push from doctors and dermatologists… and despite the fact that EVERYONE is slathering this stuff all over their bods before going out, a new report exposes the ugly reality of the science behind sunscreen.

It doesn’t exist!

That’s right, my friend. There is absolutely nothing out there that proves sunscreen cuts the risk of skin cancer.

In fact, there’s only one high-quality study that compares sunscreen to other measures, like wearing a hat, and it found no difference at all in the number of skin cancer cases.

Zip… zilch… NADA!

But if you think that’s going to stop the sunscreen PR machine, think again. Even the researchers behind the study are practically brainwashed — because they’re urging people to wear sunscreen despite the fact that they just proved there’s no reliable evidence it works.

And that’s not even the crazy part.

Ready for it? They say you should keep wearing it… no matter what… and not to expect any proof it works… because it would be UNETHICAL to properly study it.

It’s the wackiest catch-22 you’ve ever heard of. They claim they can’t randomly assign volunteers to NOT use sunscreen since that would increase their cancer risk… even though their own study finds there’s no proof that sunscreen prevents cancer.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure is!

Don’t worry. They’re out to confuse, but I’m hear to clear it up — because I’ve got everything you need to know about sunscreen in a single word:


Sunscreen is a mad scientist’s blend of dangerous chemicals that can enter the body and wreck you from the inside… and some of them can even CAUSE cancer.

One ingredient, retinyl palmitate, can actually speed the growth of skin tumors when exposed to UV light. Yes, that’s the light you’re thinking of… the light from the sun!

Another common chemical has been linked to sex problems.

And those are just TWO of the chemicals in sunscreen. The rest are no better — so avoid this stuff completely and take a common-sense approach to sun safety instead.

Get outside and enjoy the sun. It’s good for your body and soul.

Just have the common sense to cover up — or at least seek shade — before you burn and you’ll get all the protection you need.

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