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New heart disease warning sign revealed!

It’s a heart-protection plan you can REALLY sink your teeth into — because the latest research shows once again how taking care of your pearly whites can delay your entrance through the Pearly Gates.

You ever pull up what you THINK is going to be a perfect carrot from your garden, only to find the bottom is a festering mess?

Your teeth can be like that, too, with nasty dental root tip infections (“apical periodontitis” in dentist-speak) hiding deep inside.

And in some cases, you might not feel a thing until the dentist pokes around.

Then — OUCH! — it’s obvious something’s wrong. Next thing you know, your trip to the dentist for a simple cleaning is going to cost big money even with your insurance.

But the new study shows how the risk is in more than just your wallet, because those same root tip infections will boost your risk of heart disease.

The biggest risk is in folks with teeth so infected they’re candidates for root canal — but who don’t actually get one. These extra-rotten teeth will make you 2.7 times more likely to have acute coronary syndrome that folks with healthy, uninfected teeth.

So far so good. The study confirms what we already know: The same germs gnawing at your teeth would love a chance to munch on your heart.

And naturally, the researchers concluded what might SEEM obvious: If you’re supposed to have a root canal, get one ASAP.

Not so fast!

A root canal WOULD be your best option… if it worked as advertised and actually wiped out the infection.

But that’s not what really happens.

More than a century ago, groundbreaking dentist Dr. Weston A. Price discovered that a root canal cleans up the immediate infection, but fails to wipe out the bacteria entirely.

Slowly, over time, you end up with a mini germ factory right in your mouth, pumping bacteria and other nasties directly into your bloodstream.

That can lead to pain problems… brain disorders… and, most commonly, heart disease. In fact, Dr. Price found that implanting a root-canaled tooth from a human with heart disease into a rabbit could cause heart disease — and heart attacks — in the rabbit.

It wasn’t limited to heart disease. He was able to transfer any number of diseases from humans to bunnies via supposedly “clean” root canaled teeth.

A century later, the mainstream is finally recognizing that those same infections are linked to heart problems and more — but they STILL haven’t figured out that root canals can CAUSE them, not prevent them.

Don’t wait another century for them to figure it out.

Take care of your teeth naturally — and without fluoride — by using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. And if you’ve got a serious infection in the tooth, work with a skilled dentist on options that don’t involve a root canal.

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