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Docs blow it on Alzheimer’s

The easiest disease to beat is the one you don’t even have — and if you’ve been absolutely despondent because you or someone you love has Alzheimer’s disease, I’ve got some news that’s going to make your day.


No one likes admitting when they’re wrong, and that goes double for doctors — so you won’t hear this from them.

But they’re wrong, wrong, WRONG about so many things so much of the time — and the latest research shows how they’ve got a shocking failure rate when it comes to diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.

They get it wrong at least 20 percent of the time — because the new study finds two in 10 cases are a complete misdiagnosis.

In some cases, folks who really do have the disease are told they don’t.

But in more than half of those wrong-diagnosis cases — nearly 11 percent of the total — folks who DON’T have Alzheimer’s are told they DO!

Makes you wonder what they’re using for that diagnosis — the latest screening tools, or a dartboard?

I’m going guess it’s the screening tools.

I’ve never met anyone that bad at darts, because they’re not just missing the bulls-eye with these bad diagnoses. They’re missing the whole wall… and the outrageous reality is that they never even know it most of the time because the “screening tools” stink.

They’re so bad that the only surefire way to confirm an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is with a brain autopsy… and obviously, that’s much too late to help you or anyone you care about who’s been diagnosed with this disease.

But you can get help. You can get help RIGHT NOW — because there’s one common cause of false Alzheimer’s, and that’s when you start turning into Iron Man.

And I’m not talking about the superhero.

Too much iron in the body often makes a beeline for the brain, where it practically rusts the joint out — causing tau proteins to stop working right, which in turn leads to dementia-like symptoms and even Alzheimer’s.

Studies on rabbits show detoxifying chelation therapy can stop the iron from accumulating and put that tau back to work — and you don’t have to be a bunny to see those results for yourself.

Alzheimer’s patients who have chelation often show remarkable… even IMPOSSIBLE… improvements after just a few sessions.

You won’t hear about this from a mainstream doc, but then again there’s a lot you won’t hear from him, starting with the fact that he’s wrong about Alzheimer’s 20 percent of the time.

So get a second opinion from a naturopathic medical doctor with experience in chelation therapy.

I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

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