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Burn calories and control blood sugar… with a bath

Ready for some exercise?

Head to your bathroom, and prep yourself a nice, hot bath. Then step in… lie back… and RELAX!

There’s not much better for the mind and soul than that. Now, new research shows how soaking in a hot bath is good for your body, too — and not just because you’ll come out cleaner.

It can help you BURN calories and CUT blood sugar so effectively that an hour in the tub is as good for your body as exercise. And in some ways, it’s even better, according to experiments out of the U.K.

In this amazing study, volunteers got to kick back in a bath set at 104 degrees, or just about the perfect temperature for some serious rest and relaxation.

During the hour-long bath, the body’s calorie-burning machine kicked into overdrive.

Just sitting there… doing NOTHING… they burned off as many calories as you would in a brisk 30-minute walk.

Now that’s the kind of exercise I can get behind!

If a kicked-up metabolism and an hour of peace were the only benefits, I’d be all aboard with “hot bath therapy.”

But I’ve saved the best for last… because there’s another incredible benefit, one so astounding I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have the data sitting right in front of me.

It helped control blood sugar BETTER than exercise!

On one day, the volunteers were given a meal a couple hours after bathing. Then, on another day, they did an hour of cycling, followed by a similar meal a couple hours later.

While exercise normally cuts peak glucose output — or how much your blood sugar jumps after a meal — the bath did the job even better.

In fact, that hot bath cut peak glucose by 10 percent MORE than cycling!

It seems to be an effect of the heat shock proteins that kick into action in response to heat, infection and stress — and you can put them to work at your command just by sitting in a tub.

Obviously, the only thing you need to get the benefit is hot water and a place to sit in it.

But if you were hoodwinked into paying up front for a gym membership and want to get your money’s worth, there’s another way to get similar results.

March right past the rows of exercise bikes… ignore the racks of weights… avoid the no-neck “personal trainers”… and head right for the sauna.

It’s the only room in the place you need!

Relax in the hot steam for 30 minutes, an hour or however long you like… and if anyone asks what your favorite workout is, tell them they’re looking at it.

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