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The healthiest nation in the world just yanked this vaccine

If Jack Nicklaus offers advice on your swing… if John McEnroe wants to fix your backhand… or if Larry Bird wants to help you sink a basket… you darn well better listen.

So when it comes to healthcare, we darn well better listen to the Japanese — because they live longer than anyone else and manage to keep healthy from the cradle to the grave.

Right now, the message is loud and clear: The HPV vaccine being pushed on our kids is risky and ineffective. They’ve REJECTED the shot en masse and are even pushing to hold Big Pharma accountable for the damage done to so many children.

And what are we doing? Just the opposite!

U.S. health officials are practically FORCING it on American children, especially little girls… and pushing to expand it to little boys.

The HPV vaccine is supposed to protect against cancers caused by certain strains of this sexually-transmitted virus, especially cervical and anal cancers.

The very OBVIOUS way to prevent that is to teach kids abstinence and personal responsibility.

Instead, it’s being pushed on girls as young as nine years old, despite the fact that it’s been linked to thousands of cases of adverse events including DOZENS of deaths, according to documents exposed by the watchdog agency Judicial Watch.

And in some cases, girls given this shot have suffered from permanent and debilitating nerve disorders.

Yet not only do we KEEP pushing this needle into our girls… but now we’re pushing it on boys, too!

Not in Japan.

They learned their lesson fast. After dozens of cases of serious side effects were publicized, they stopped messing around. Japanese health officials yanked it from their list of official recommendations.

It’s still available there for anyone who wants it, but who the heck would want it after all that? No one, that’s who — because 99 percent of Japanese families have refused.

Now, 64 women are suing drug makers over side effects they suffered after getting vaccinated, such as pain and nerve disorders.

That can’t happen here since most vaccines have complete protection from lawsuits — preventing patients from holding drug makers accountable.

And that means there’s really only one way to protect your children and grandchildren, and that’s to avoid the dangerous HPV vaccines in all their forms.

The message is getting out. Earlier this year, it was revealed that more than 10 percent of U.S. pediatricians — 23,000 doctors — won’t give this shot to their patients.

That’s the kind of doc you want for your kids and grandkids.

And if you’ve got the OTHER kind… one pushing a dangerous vaccine that the healthiest nation in the world has rejected… maybe it’s time to shop around for a new one.

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