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The weird plant that can control blood sugar

People will eat and drink the most disgusting things if you tell them it’s healthy.

I don’t care how many nutrients are in “wheatgrass juice” or what kind of benefits I might get from “asparagus water,” I’m not drinking the nasty stuff.

And nothing in the world will make me try to choke down kale!

But there IS one healthy weirdo plant juice that really does pack amazing benefits.

It’s called aloe vera.

Yes, that oddball not-quite-a-cactus best known for soothing sunburns is hiding some pretty serious magic inside, because it can tame raging blood sugar levels.

And if you’re diabetic… if you’re even PRE-diabetic and want to make sure you avoid this disease… you’re going to want some of what’s inside that oddball plant.

Aloe is so powerful that it can bring ultra-high blood sugar levels right down to where they ought to be. Even more amazingly, it actually works BEST when your blood sugar is at its WORST!

If your fasting blood glucose levels are higher than 200 mg/dL, you know you’re up a creek — and your doc is probably trying to throw every drug in the pharmacy at you.

Don’t even waste your time, because aloe vera supplements can cut those sky-high blood sugar levels by an average of 109.9 mg/dL, according to the review of nine studies published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Even if your blood sugar isn’t quite that high, you can still expect to see big-time results — because the study finds aloe vera cuts fasting blood glucose by an average of 46.6 mg/dL overall.

That’s just one measure of blood sugar, but aloe’s not a one-trick pony.

It can also drop hemoglobin A1c by 1.05 percent, a stunning benefit when you consider that just 0.4 percent can be enough to make the difference between prediabetes and perfectly normal blood sugar.

The one downside to this is you wouldn’t want to just hack open your aloe and suck out the sticky mess that’s inside.

And you don’t want to touch the commercial “aloe vera juice” drinks that are so popular these days. They might taste better, but in order to be even remotely palatable, they’re loaded with sugar and other junk.

Stick to a supplement. You’ll get all the benefits without the nasty taste for about a dime a day.

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