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Slash your risk of falls with these simple steps

Want to protect yourself from falls and cut your risk of disability as you get older?

Of course you do. And there’s one person you need to call for help on this, and it’s NOT your doctor.

It’s your local handyman!

New research out of New Zealand shows how a few quick renovations to your home can help cut your risk of falls and keep you on your feet and out of the hospital.

Over three years, some basic tweaks around the house cut the number of falls needing medical attention by 26 percent, according to the study.

That’s a massive improvement, especially when you consider that 2 million Americans are hospitalized due to falls and 20,000 die because of them.

But there’s more than hospitalization and death at stake.

Falls are a leading cause of disability. They can leave you in pain and crippled for the rest of your life — and in some cases, you might have to move out of your home and into a “care facility.”

So get on the horn and get started.

We’re not talking about calling a contractor here and racking up big bills. Just a handyman. Your kids or grandkids might even be able to do it if they’re a little handy.

The most important things you need are some handrails and grip strips. Put the rails up in the bathroom — both next to the toilet and at the tub — as well as in hallways and, if they’re not already there, on both side of the staircase.

Put the grip strips on stairs and anywhere else you might slip.

Throw in some better lighting and move the furniture so you can get around easier, and you’ve got most of what you need.

The downside is you’ll have to shell out a few bucks to make these changes, even if you’ve got family helping out — but it probably won’t cost you what you think.

The renovations in the study cost an average of less than $450.

In any case, making a few changes around the house won’t be nearly as expensive as a fall. Even with “good” insurance, an emergency trip to the hospital could cost you hundreds… even THOUSANDS… of dollars.

Yes, breaking an arm or a leg could cost you an arm AND a leg!

You’re much better off paying a little extra today to prevent it. But let’s face it; the money is almost incidental.

The real barrier for most folks isn’t price… it’s pride.

You made it this far in life without railings by the toilet. You darn well don’t want to admit you need them now.

It’s time to get over that, because it’s time to protect something far more important than money or pride: your life.

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