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Cut your risk of two deadliest cancers

You know the score by now.

Cancer isn’t the killer it’s been made out to be, and you can BEAT this disease — often without drugs, radiation, or surgery.

But some forms of cancer are ruthless killers — striking so fast you’re gone before goodbye.

THOSE are the cancers you need to avoid, and new research spots a simple way to slash your risk of some of the deadliest tumors of all.

I’ve got to warn you, though: While it IS easy, if you’re like most Americans, you’re not going to do it… because it means giving up soda.

Water’s wet, the sky’s blue, and soda’s bad. Everyone KNOWS it… yet they drink it anyway.

It’s absolute madness, especially when new research finds just two sugary drinks a day will DOUBLE your odds of gallbladder cancers and boost your risk of bile duct tumors by 79 percent.

These are cancers so bad that the first “specialist” you need to see after you’re diagnosed isn’t a doctor who can go over treatment options.

It’s a lawyer who can make sure your will is up to date!

I wish I could tell you that’s an exaggeration. After all, you can beat either of these cancers IF they’re caught early.

Problem is, they’re almost NEVER caught early.

When they are, it’s usually by accident — like when you’re being tested for something else — because by the time you’ve got symptoms and doctors go looking for these tumors, it’s almost always too late.

Some forms of these cancers kill 98 PERCENT of the folks who have them!

The researchers say the overall risk of getting either of these cancers is still low, but why play the odds when avoiding it is so simple and won’t cost you a penny?

You’ll actually SAVE money because you won’t be wasting it on sugar water!

So give up soda, because along with increasing the risk of these two killer cancers, a soft drink habit can also boost your odds of other forms of the disease — with sugary foods and drinks DOUBLING your risk of lung cancer.

If “diet” drinks are better, it’s not by much. Chemical no-cal sweeteners can actually cause you to eat more — which is why studies show they can increase your risk of obesity and diabetes.

You don’t have to stick to plain old water. Coffee, tea, and even a moderate amount of booze are all good for you — and contrary to popular opinion, they are hydrating, and they’ll CUT your risk of disease instead of causing it.

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