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Prostate FEAR makes ugly comeback

It’s the Great Prostate Panic, 2016 edition, as a terrifying new report claims more men than ever have the deadliest form of the disease — and the “experts” behind the study claim it’s because we’ve dropped the PSA test.

Now, they darkly imply, early-stage tumors are going undetected and untreated and turning into dangerous and deadly cancers.

The not-so-subtle message: YOU might have one of these tumors in you RIGHT NOW… and because you didn’t get a PSA, you don’t even know it.

Of course, the clueless mainstream media is eating it up with alarmist headlines custom-crafted to induce panic.

But don’t call your doctor and schedule a rush-job PSA test just yet, because even if this study were published on TP, it wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

While the study finds advanced prostate cancer cases have jumped by 72 percent in almost a decade, it’s missing one little piece of the puzzle.


See, this two-bit hack job of a “study” never once mentions the RATE of the disease… only the raw numbers with no sense of the big picture.

The reason the RAW numbers are rising is almost certainly because the population is growing, especially the population of older men.

The population of senior men is rising at TWICE the rate of the population of men in general.

With the population exploding like that, I’m sure you’ll find a jump in gray hair, baldness, and “earlybird” dinners, too!

Since senior men are the ones most likely to have prostate cancer, more older guys means you’ll have more cases… but it doesn’t mean the RATE of the disease has risen.

So let me cut through the headlines and all the other mainstream bull and tell you what’s REALLY going on here.

The team behind the study has been perfectly open about its goal: They want to bring back mass PSA tests.

“PSA screening saves lives, period,” lead researcher Dr. Edward Schaeffer told UPI.

That’s nonsense. Even the man who INVENTED that darned test regrets it!

Prof. Richard J. Ablin said the PSA turned into a “profit-driven public health disaster” because it conned men into getting expensive and life-wrecking treatments for cancers that almost never would have hurt them.

Meanwhile, those rare and aggressive tumors that really can kill you — the ones the new study focuses on — were rarely caught by the PSA in time to save lives anyway.

As a result, more screenings led to more treatments — and more profits for urologists — but they didn’t make a dent in the disease’s actual death rate.

The PSA screening doesn’t save lives, period.

It RUINS lives… so follow the wisdom you’ve read right here in the Daily Dose since long before it was fashionable: When it comes to the PSA, just say NO WAY.

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