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Ladies, keep your sex life cooking with this quick tip

The drug industry’s “holy grail” isn’t a cure for cancer, dementia, or Parkinson’s disease.

It’s not a better heart pill, and it’s not even a drug that could add years to your life with no side effects.

No, ladies, the drug industry’s biggest fantasy involves your sex life (or lack thereof) — because there’s nothing they want more than a “little blue pill” just for older women.

But new research shows how the REAL reason so many older women suffer from lack of desire and other bedroom problems has nothing to do with age.

This new study shows how there’s another reason — one that’s completely within your control, so you don’t have to wait for Big Pharma to cook something up to light a fire in your bedroom.

It turns out that older gals with metabolic syndrome LITERALLY “can’t get no satisfaction.”

Metabolic syndrome is the kind of thing that could end your life, but it turns out it’ll end your sex life first — and it’s one of the biggest reasons for the bedroom blues in older gals.

According to the study in The American Journal of Medicine, senior women with metabolic syndrome scored lower on satisfaction and desire and had less sex overall.

In addition, women with high triglycerides — the one form of blood fats you really do need to watch out for — also had less desire.

The condition is a “greatest hits” collection of heart risk factors: a bigger belly, rising blood sugar levels, high triglycerides, and more.

And since heart problems can leave you wheezy, weak and unable to even climb a set of stairs without gasping for air, those same heart problems will also keep you from climbing into bed for some you-know-what.

As a result, the study finds both heart problems and coronary artery disease lead to less sex in older women.

And not surprisingly, overweight and obese women had decreased activity, too.

Who wants less sex? No one!

Even if you’re a little older… even if you’ve had problems getting “in the mood” for years… even if you think the fires of love have been reduced to fading embers… there’s one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to turn it all around.

Get yourself back in shape!

In fact, diet alone can completely reverse metabolic syndrome. Lose some weight on a healthy low-carb diet, and watch all your other health problems fade or even vanish.

Then, light the candles and set the mood, because it’s time to get back in action where it matters most: in the bedroom.

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