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Even skinny people face diabetes risk

You’re slim and trim and work hard to stay that way — and now, you know all that hard work wasn’t for nothing.

As I shared earlier this morning, you can expect the get THREE EXTRA YEARS of good livin’ for your troubles.

But don’t get smug about your waistline, my friend, because your weight isn’t the only risk factor when it comes to death and disease.

Even if you’ve got a perfect BMI… even if your weight is smack in the middle of the “perfect” zone… even if your doc has never mentioned the word “diabetes” to you…


New research finds that one in three older adults with a “normal” weight already have prediabetes, or the rising blood sugar levels that mean you’re a step away from getting the real thing.

I know that flies in the face of everything you’ve heard about this disease.

Diabetes is supposed to be for “fat people,” but not folks like you… right?


It’s not just what you weigh that matters. It’s how you get there — and the new study is rock-solid proof that keeping slim with a carb-heavy, low-fat mainstream diet will put you on the road to ruin.

Even if you’re not eating sugar and drinking soda, the carbs in bread (including whole grains), pasta, taters, and more will cause your blood sugar to spike.

Heck, even FRUIT can wreck havoc on blood sugar if you’re not careful.

That in turn sets the stage for insulin resistance and — ultimately — diabetes, which is why dutifully following your doctor’s orders and sticking to a mainstream diet will lead to a shorter, sicker life.

And once you have prediabetes, being thin won’t stop it from turning into the real McCoy: 1 in 5 diabetics have a perfectly “normal” weight.

Clearly, when it comes to your health and your risks, you need to keep your eyes on more than just the numbers on the scale.

Keep close watch over your blood sugar, which is far more important than cholesterol, blood pressure, or any of the other stuff your doc obsesses over.

Even without diabetes or prediabetes, elevated blood sugar can pack serious risks. Just slight increases to the high end of the “normal” range will wreck your brain and boost your risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s time for a new “normal” range, if you ask me.

Your doc will be happy with blood sugar levels of around 100 mg/dl and probably won’t even bat an eye if it rises a little higher than that.

In reality, you need to keep it below 90… or you could pay the price later on.

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