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Gel shoe inserts are a huge waste

Watch out, folks — because you can get hoodwinked where you least expect it!

New research has just busted wide open what might be the biggest scam in the pharmacy, and it’s not any of the drugs that are sold behind the counter.

It’s what might catch your eye while you’re waiting for the pharmacist to call your name: that display of “gel” inserts you can slip into your shoe.

Some of them say right on the label that they can help fight off knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

And they look so comfortable, don’t they?

Turns out they don’t do squat for your knees. Not even a little.

Hey, at least you got off easy. The ones in the pharmacy display only cost around $20 or so.

But a new study focused on fancy-schmancy shoes with special gel inserts orthopedists try to con you into buying — the ones that’ll run you $180 or more.

Despite all that money… despite the claims and promises… and despite the fact that they might even FEEL good the first time you slip your feet onto that cushy gel “bed,” the new study finds they’re no better for your knees than a decent pair of walking shoes.

The researchers admit they’re flabbergasted.

They insist that the inserts SHOULD work, so maybe just maybe they’d work better if you also lost weight, did strength and conditioning exercises, and took painkillers.

I’m not kidding. They really said that.

At that point, can you REALLY give the shoes any credit?

Heck, no.

They do have part of it right. Losing weight will help take a load off your knees and ease some of the strain. That can lessen the damage and the pain that comes along with it, and slow the progression of the disease.

You don’t need fancy shoes for that, just a better diet.

But don’t waste your time with the other part of their “advice.” With or without expensive shoes, pain pills are a terrible idea for knee pain.

At best, they’ll cover up the pain so you end up putting MORE strain on your knees, causing MORE damage.

At worst, you could end up suffering some of the side effects of painkillers, which cover everything from bleeding problems to heart attack to addiction and death.

Give your knees what they need instead — take collagen supplements to help build up what the disease is eating away.

One form of collagen, called UC-II, went head-to-head against glucosamine and chondroitin and won by nearly every measure you care about, and you can read all about it for free right here.

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