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New superbug threat… right outside your door!

There’s a deadly threat brewing out there… worse than terrorism or violence against police. It’s even worse than Hillary Clinton!

Soon, you could be putting your life on the line every time you step outside, and it’s all because of something you can’t even see.

It’s a nasty little bacteria called Clostridium difficile — a deadly germ that already sickens close to half a million Americans a year and KILLS nearly 30,000 of them.

Most of them are people already sick, especially older folks in hospitals and nursing homes, which might be why it doesn’t get much attention.

The media doesn’t give a hoot about seniors.

But they’ll give a hoot soon enough — the entire country will — because an alarming new report finds this germ has broken out of those hospitals and nursing homes.

Over a span of eight years, the number of victims who picked up C. diff in a hospital or nursing home jumped by 42 percent, which is frightening enough.

But it’s now being caught “in the wild,” as scientists like to say, and they don’t mean the jungles of Borneo.

In this case, it means C. diff has escaped the hospitals and is now running wild all over the United States… and we’re reaching the point where you might be able to pick up this DEATH BUG just about anywhere.

the number of folks who caught the bug anywhere else — maybe in some cases people who simply touched the wrong doorknob — has MORE THAN DOUBLED.

This has the potential to make Zika and Ebola look like amateur infections, because C. diff is not only increasingly resistant to drugs, making it difficult to handle.

In some cases, it’s downright impossible to treat.

Like any other bacteria, you can’t see, smell, or taste C. diff. You may have been exposed already and not even know it yet — because this germ has the patience of a rock.

It can sit in your body and lay low, waiting for the right moment to strike… and that’s usually when taking an antibiotic kills off the good germs in your gut, giving C. diff just the opportunity it’s been waiting for.

Without those friendly bacteria around to keep it in check, the C. diff can rapidly grow and spread.

Don’t give it that opportunity. Don’t take an antibiotic unless absolutely necessary.

And if that time comes… if you really do need the drug… absolutely take it, but take a probiotic along with it.

A study a couple of years back found that folks who don’t take probiotics with their antibiotics suffer C. diff infections at TRIPLE the rate of those who do, and you can read all about it in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

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